Womb Reclamation

We all have magic in our wombs just waiting to be activated.
It is one of the most misunderstood and powerful spaces within our body.

 The womb is one way that we can access the natural world within ourselves. Once we harness the natural cycles of life from within, we are able to step into deeper alignment, flow, ease and power in our lives.

The thing is that our womb centre (regardless of, if a physical womb is present) holds the power of the cycle of life and death, as well as rebirth and transformation. All these codes live within our very own bodies.

So many people seek the answers outside themselves when the truth is that we receive the information we need every month, through our cycle and our connection to our womb.

Working with our womb can change our life.

When we connect with our womb, we come out of our thinking mind and reconnect with our Divine power, tapping back into the flow of life. 

The womb is like a sacred container with access to our higher self, a gateway, carrying wisdom and messages for us.

The power of the womb is that as much as she has the capacity to hold, she also holds the capacity to release and create too:

If we’re courageous enough we can meet our womb space in ceremony and ask what we are carrying that is not ours to hold.

These patterns can be cleared.  

We have the power to heal past and future lineage, and through this, the ability to heal other women as well by helping others to tap into their feminine psyche/consciousness.

Working with our womb is so potent and can help to heal grief, trauma, terminations, still-birth, pap smears, and past relationships, as it helps you clear the way for more life force energy and flow. 

Once you open this gateway, the messages become clear and you can hear the voice of your womb, your intuition with more ease.

Womb Reclamation

To connect to and build an honouring relationship with your womb, is to tap into the deepest and most sacred power and portal that you have access to on this planet. A persons blockages in their womb can deeply impact their relationships with self and others, which infiltrates into how you experience life.

Often the root of these blockages can manifest in physical health challenges rooted from emotional and energetic symptoms.

Symptoms revealing potential energetic blocks in your womb space:

★ Mild or severe depression

★ Mood swings

★ Severe physical period pain

★ Digestive issues

★ Low libido & disconnection in sexual intimacy

★ Tiredness, low energy & lethargy

★ Lack of creative impulses

Causes of energetic blocks in your womb space:

★ Sexual, physical, medical trauma.

★ Shame (caused through the ancestral line or cultural factors such as shame, dogma & stigma).

★ Rejection or targeted criticism (by culture or a person).

★ Complicated births, miscarriages, abortions.

★ Rejection of our womanhood

★ How our feminine lineage experienced birth, menarche, and what it was to be. a womb-owning woman from their lived experience.

★ Trauma, shame, and negative imprinting around our 1st bleed and menstruating years.


Benefits of re-connecting to your womb space:

Clearer sense of self and identity.

Access to your confidence and power centre

Stronger access to your intuitive wisdom

Stronger access to your creative potential

Stronger ability to attract what you desire and amplify your magnetic womb energy

Bringing healing presence to emotional wounds.

Deeper intimacy and pleasure with self and lovers.

Replenish your energy levels when you feel depleted.

Balance your emotions

Healing the generational line regarding stigma of menstruation, pleasure, and speaking our truths.

Honouring and reclaiming womb owners rights of passage

What You Receive:

✷ 90 minute Intuitively guided LIVE CALL and healing practices exploring your womb story

Call recording for LIFE

Womb connection embodiment practices

Journalling scripts & takeaways

Blood rituals + rite – ceremony gifts

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