What The F Is Feminine Embodiment?

by | 9 Aug 2021 | Devotion, Divine Feminine, Divine Feminine Energy, Embodiment, Empowered Women, Woman

The word embodiment has become a bit of a buzz word in the conscious community of late and I guess to some extent we are always in our body, as very naturally, we inhabit this space.

Yet, just because we dance it doesn’t mean we are present in the movement, we could be thinking about a million other things, therefore, we become blind to the messages that our bodies are communicating to us.

What does being an embodied woman look like to me?

She is turned on, vibrant, alive and connected to her full spectrum of feelings and depth.

The ugly and the pretty are both welcome.

She is comfortable taking up space and claiming her place in this world.

She owns her boundaries and her truths and most importantly she views her body as a wise teacher.

To me, embodiment is the devotional act of listening and becoming attuned to the subtle sensations, feelings and emotions that live in our body. It is reconnecting to the body as an ally and a messenger.

One of the gateways that can help anchor us into feminine embodiment is the womb but sadly for many women, these gateways are disempowered or latent.

Before I honoured my cycles and cultivated regular (energetic) womb connection and healing I only associated this space with medical procedures, fertility and sexual experience (both good and bad).

It can often be painful to occupy this space as this is where the wounding of our feminine lineage (both personally and collectively are stored and additionally, we have been taught to dissociate and disown our womb space.

Tips to Inhabit this space.

● Check in to this space with breath, consciousness and presence
● Dialogue with this space
● Connect to your cycles
● Smile to her and speak loving thoughts

Regular self-pleasure

We can build intimacy and connection here when we give ourselves permission to embrace the pain/pleasure bandwidth.

When we start to reconnect to our body’s intelligence we open ourselves up to the bliss and pleasure that is available & equally the ecstatic parts and shameful parts.

To me, this is a full-spectrum human experience.

● What is your experience of full-bodied living?

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