Tips To Nourish Your Cylical Body

For those of us who bleed, our bodies require different levels of nourishment and movement throughout the month.

Every single cycle, our hormones ebb and flow and with that comes different levels of self-care to honour this.

We are not really taught any of this in school or through education.

We are largely left to work it out on our own. Its amazing to me how many menstruators suffer from period-related issues and yet we are told that it is normal.

We are told to deal with it.
We are told we are wrong and it is in our head.
We are told that we “should” have the same energy all month round.

You’re designed differently.
And it’s time to honour that.

Here are some awesome tips:


Blackstrap molasses for Iron
Minimise exposure to artificial lights at night time
Cramp bark tincture- really effective
Evening primrose oil- daily
Transdermal magnesium for cramping
Essential oils of lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang
Cacao based elixir drinks (full of magnesium)


Cycle tracking
Journalling insights during your bleed
Creative outlets during your bleed
Connect with your blood – try re-usable products. You can pour your blood on to a plant or straight on to the earth and fuse it with your intentions for the next lunar cycle.
Womb clearing
Essential oils of lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang
Moon gaze

Enjoy your body my loves.

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