The Balsamic moon.

Waning. Winking. Closing down.

Almost dark. She is the veil being drawn to a close.

Reflective of our inner Autumn.

We can look at her as a mirror.

This transition are where shadows are birthed

A place where we are invited into the underworld, with an open mind and a curious heart.

As the curtain begins to shut, we can ask ourselves

What is ready to fall away.

What can we let go of?

What isn’t serving me anymore?

We are being asked to drop our consciousness down

Deep into the caverns of the womb.

Ready to descent into the underworld

For the rebirth of our bleeding time.

These cyclical patterns and favours come and go

Every month, every phase, every day

All it takes in a daily check in with yourself

When we live with and embody our cyclical nature

We understand that these flavours and textures are part of our makeup

And they grant us permission to be all parts of ourselves

Nothing gets pushed away or needs to be fixed

Cyclical living. A doorway to self compassion and

A gateway in to your feminine psyche

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