Our Bodies Are Always Working For Us

by | 6 Jul 2021 | Shame, Woman

I get it, it can be so fucking challenging in this modern day world to trust our bodies. Many of us feel a disconnect or resentment towards them, which has led us to distrust in our bodies signals and messages.

And it’s hardly surprising. Our culture has been set up in such a way that we’ve been taught to ignore the wisdom of our bodies in favor of the intellect of our minds. But the truth is we need to source both of these powerful centres in order to thrive.

For the most part, we have been fed the narrative of numbing out or suppressing all forms of pain in favour of getting on with life and being productive. But in doing so we have lost the subtle cues that lead us to the energetic root of why we are experiencing physical symptoms in the first place.

As a result, generations of women now have a negative relationship with their body

They may feel disconnected from their womb and not understand how the menstrual cycle affects their energy mood or productivity.

Perhaps we feel betrayed by our bodies:

For feeling too much.
For looking a particular way that does not match the ideal of society’s expectations.
For being too sexual or not being sexual enough.
For having painful or challenging menstrual cycles.
For not feeling on our A game all month round.

All of the above can cause us to feel less than, in a culture that is built on the premise of more more more and constant healing.

But the truth is that our spiritual practice is right here in our bodies. It is grounded, practical, and already part of our cyclical nature.

Cycles, physical pain, emotions all of these are all part of our human experience that we can learn and grow from.

What part of your body do you have the hardest time accepting?
Do you experience any shame towards your body that may have stemmed from childhood?
What is your inner dialogue with your body?

Instead, I invite you to journal on these questions:

What are three things you adore about your body?
What affirmation can you tell yourself when you look in the mirror naked,
What are three ways you can honor and care for your body weekly and can you schedule them into your calendar is not negotiables?

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