🌹 For all the new members of the community, let me introduce myself. 🌹

Hey, beauties. Thank you for being here. My name is Shoshi

I am a mentor, educator and facilitator and I guide women back home to the wisdom of their sacred bodies, cycles and wombs.

Our mission is to help women empower themselves and clear their energetic and emotional blocks so they can transform their life, step into their pleasure and live connected and conscious lives.

There is no better time to reclaim our power and rise as women.

I am so deeply passionate about guiding menstruators and womb owners on a journey back home to their bodies, voices, emotions and womb wisdom. There is so much empowerment in owning these parts of ourselves that have been vilified and demonised by society at large.

This is one of the reasons I love women’s circles so much. Allowing ourselves to be fully expressed in the presence of our sisters is a truly healing dynamic.

These sacred spaces are needed more than ever today. When we embrace all parts of ourselves. When we clear and heal our womb space. When we honour our emotions and rest as much as we honour our productivity, we see a change not only in ourselves but also in the collective

This ripple of impact will shift women’s inner world, ancestral lines, and impact the earth and society because its releases a lot of the narratives and old paradigm approaches to life that is ultra-masculine within their (ENERGY)

Here is SOME of what we stand for:

🔻 Pleasure
🔻 Embodiment
🔻 Self-compassion
🔻Honouring loss and grief
🔻Womb wisdom
🔻Feminine rites of passage


🙌🏽 I love pussycats
🙌🏽 I love to play and silliness
🙌🏽 Uplifting drum and bass will always have a soft spot in my heart
🙌🏽 I have visited over 30 countries
🙌🏽 I lived in a van for 5 years and busked my way around the globe with a former partner
🙌🏽 I have performed music in front of more then 25k people
🙌🏽 Nature is my happy place
🙌🏽 Forests make me sing
🙌🏽 I LOVE colour

👉🏽Your turn and ………………GO!

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I teach women (and menstruators) how to harness the power of their natural rhythms and create a connected and compassionate relationship to their inner world.