Emotions Are Always In A State Of Flow

by | 8 Jul 2021 | Abuse Recovery, Community Over Competition, Sexual Health, Woman, Woman's Health

The feminine can be chaotic and wild just as much as she can be soft and surrendered. And even when life feels intense, we always have a choice. Our emotions do not define us. Emotion. Energy in motion. All emotion is energy and all energy is neutral. Imagine if we were like hey “The sun is wrong and the moon is right”

There is medicine in all the seasons and cycles. We have the choice to respond and dialogue with our emotions with love and compassion, granting them the space and attention they deserve. I sense our fear is that we will get stuck in the uncomfortable sensation. But the truth is they are always in a state of flow. Like nature itself, you never see winter without the following spring. Or dusk without dawn.


1)Breathing into your womb- Create a downward facing triangle over the womb by placing your thumbs together at the navel and form a triangle with your hands to connect better with this space. Breathing in and out of your womb in a relaxed and present manner.

2)Body connection- dialoguing with our bodies, tuning in to what is already there.

Where do I have tension, sensation either physical ,emotional or mental?

3)How is my heart today? – What is alive in me?- is it tenderness?

How can i move my body in a way that allows me to fully access that and move as that tenderness

Without the need to analyse or go into the WHY? It is present for you but instead moving and meeting it with an open heart and curiosity.

Turning inward gives you control over your life… Makes your life more effortless. The greater devotional aspect of bodily wisdom can have a ripple effect. You have more intimacy in life, with family & lovers.

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