Did you know that there is such a thing as creating a business or project from your feminine(energy)?

We have grown up being taught that there is only one way to thrive and that is pushing forward and hard work. This is important and of course, we need to take action in the world to see results but that is only one piece of the puzzle, especially for those of us who identify as cyclical beings.

You can run your business/project without burning out and I am going to share with you how.

Biochemically our bodies are optimised to function differently at various times within the month. When you structure your work schedule to complement your cycle, you can Fastrack your results, simply because you are working with your native essence.

In doing so, you learn how to go with your own unique flow and ride the waves of your energy with grace, simply by educating yourself and having self-compassion for those times when we are more primed for introspection.

Unfortunately, for those of us who bleed we have been conditioned that we need to function the same way as men do and this is BS because it means that we have unreasonable expectations of what is expected of us.

We are cyclical beings living in a linear society.

Allopathic medicine is favoured, which more often than not does not unveil the root cause of women’s hormonal health. Our cyclical nature can often be overlooked, especially in the workplace. It does not honour the power of our cycles in its full spectrum of light and dark. We are guided to numb our pain, ignore our inconvenient and often “erratic” emotions and push through our fatigue.

But there is a much more simple and organic way. Cyclical living is creating your lifestyle in alignment with your energy (And hormones). This can be applied to ALL AREAS of life such as

Movement & fitness
Se*ual & Spiritual practise
Food & nutrition.

Living in alignment with your feminine essence means- Cycle based living. Honouring your emotions. Acceptance of the now. Depth. Pleasure. Play. Intuition and Magic all integrated into your business and career.

Tips to create from your yin/feminine energy:

Ask yourself:

What’s alive in me right now- journal
How do I want this to feel?
What support may I need?
Do I have fear around this creation and if so how will/ can I move my body through these doubts.

I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences!

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