Yearning To Open- APoem

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I am yearning to open, to dance together like the leaves dance on the trees.
My heart is longing
To experience
Deep blissful connection
With you
I am yearning to open, 
To be loved & led in loving kindness
Epressing the full spectrum
Of my emotional and sexual bandwidth,
I am yearning to open
To swing & sway in the chamber of immense love.
A love that transcends time.
A dance of sexual & sensual ecstasy that rises us like a phoenix
into transcendent states.
I am yearning to open
For you to witness all parts of me
The ones that may been hiding,
The ones that didn’t feel safe to be expressed till now.
I am yearning to open
For you to love me through the
I am yearning to open
To be loved in my laughter &softness
and held in my rage & tears.
I am yearning to open
To be an embodied expression of divine masculine & divine feminine.
Where our polarity is magnetic
I surrender into your deep eyes
And fall into your presence.
I am yearning to open
together as one
Unified in each other’s arms.
Creating, playing, singing & praising
Energies rise up together
And burst open
Reminiscent of glitter
Exploding through the stratosphere
I am yearning to open 
To merge and co-create.
Spirit & matter
Mother & father
Heaven & earth.
I am yearning to open
To feel deeply seen
To look at you & melt
And shake and tremble
For you to take me with your eyes
Penetrate me with your presence
Fuck me with your love
Ravish me with your deep stillness.
I am yearning to open 
All chakras united
the spark to my flame
Man-Womb- an
as one.
I am safe, I am held
I am love.
I am yearning to open 
To embody & experience divine union
inner union
Non linear, sultry, sexy, sweet soulful starburst.
This is a love that has been known before
A love that has memories embodied in our cellular DNA.
Coded & cryptic with the highest Possibilities for our life
And all beings on earth, 
To birth in to the golden age.
We swing and sway
He leads, I follow
I lead, he follows.
We both know this us our greatest
Most humble gift
A gift that keeps on giving
That allows us to heal old fears,
Patterns & wounds
That do not serve Us or humanity.
A path to our greatest growth
Not only as souls
But for the planet as a whole.
Past, present, future
His eyes remain nine contact with mine
Relaxed, slow, sensual, pleasurable orgasmicness
We merge with all the is
Birds, rivers, forests & trees
The far away seas
We are one, we are unified
Our hearts are full
Vulnerable, tender
Open to the present moment
Our breath is in sync
Our lips embrace lightly
LOVE is the CURE!

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