3 Tips On How To Create Ritual For Your Cycle

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Our womb is a totally undervalued and unappreciated area of a woman’s body. In schools we are not taught about the wombs innate magical qualities of birthing, gestating and releasing. If anything we are educating in a very cold and sterile way on the mechanics of the menstrual and reproductive cycle.

In reality, our womb is a holy grail and a portal to our deep feminine centre. It is a place that not only creates life but also births projects. It holds a library of feminine wisdom of matriarchal ancestors who came before us. She is literally the Seed of creation.

Without embodying our wombs wisdom and communicating with her, we are not accessing the full potential of our feminine energy.
Through tracking our cycles, we can refine what happens in our bodies and work in alignment with each phase.
In the time leading up to our bleed and when during our bleed we have heightened intuition and if we listen closely and STOP to just BE, even if only for a day or a few stolen moments we can hear the whispers of our innate wisdom. Every month we have an opportunity to rebirth.
Our divine Blood is a symbol of that elixir & when we shed every month, we can also release on an emotional and energetic level.


How this phase expresses.

This is a time where we may feel the need to withdraw. Physically and emotionally we can feel spacier and ungrounded.
Our bleeding time Is one of introspection and an opportunity to make plans and set intentions for the coming month, intuition is at its peak & messages from our higher self are louder.
It is a potent time of Reflection, inner processing, looking at self-truths and re-evaluating what’s happening in your life. Creativity is also juicy so be open to receive wants to come through you.


Our moontime is reminiscent of our  Inner Winter. 

It relates to slowing down, lighter exercise (if any), heavier foods, death, self-inquiry, introspection, recalibration & reset, nesting & journalling, shedding old identities and outdated beliefs. 
Create a Ritual for your flow.
If you are desiring a more potent relationship with this phase you can use moon cups to capture the blood & then release your elixir to the earth with a prayer and an intention of what you desire to call in, create and magnetise and what you wish to release, using your nectar as a sacred symbol.
Personally, I love to create a moontime alter & pull a card with symbols that represent how I am feeling. 
Some women use their blood to make sacred art and others adorn their face and allow their warrior woman to emerge. To be honest there is no one size fits all for crafting a feminine design lifestyle. It will depend on your specific needs, work situation and the stage of womanhood you are transgressing through.


  • Boost iron levels & reduce inflammation
  • Enjoy warming spices such as cinnamon, cayenne and nutmeg.
  • Eat anti-inflammatory mineral rich foods
  • Dark leafy greens, nuts & seeds, sea vegetables, bananas, and raw dark chocolate + plenty of water.
  • EFA rich foods like avocados, wild caught fish, cod liver oil, hemp seeds & Nato.
  • Enjoy Foods that are warming and cooked as the uterus gets cold are good to help prevent cramps. 
  • I recommend warm ginger tea, chai tea, lemon water, soups and bone broth soups, as opposed to raw and cold veggies


The body is working hard, which causes fatigue, so make sure that you are getting extra sleep. Self-massage with soothing essential oils such as lavender is a great way to relieve tension or stress in the body. A magnesium salt bath can do wonders for relaxing your muscles and easing the cramps,


Keep it gentle while on your flow. I would invite you to avoid all high-intensity workouts and if you can do NOTHING on day 1, this can be a game changer. No work. No computers. NO structure to meditate or do any kind of specific practice. Just BE

Avoid high intensity and cardio workouts during this time. Focus on long walks, gentle yoga, qi gong or light stretching .Being amongst nature is the perfect way to calm and soothe your senses at this time.
Practices such as Restorative and Yin Yoga is slow moving and will help you move through this time compassionately.
I have found that by using my inner rhythms as a wise teacher and addressing any nutritional and hormonal imbalances I now live with my moonflow as my guide, my body as a compass and ride the ebbs and flows of what it is to be a woman with more grace.
It wasn’t always this way. I have spent a good chunk of my life embracing the DOING and numbing my feelings in order to fit in.

I  dismissed my internal compass.

I have worked out like a crazy bunny on Day 1 of my bleed.
I have pretended to not feel grief so I could come across as a strong independent woman.
I have not asked for help and been vulnerable at times that i desperately needed support.
Now I allow myself to eat and move based on my inner rhythms, which constantly ebb and flow. I live in harmony with my menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle, as well as my own changing season.
I would love to know:
👉Do you create rituals around your moon cycle?
👉Do you want to create a deeper and profound relationship to your cycle?
👉Do you struggle physically and emotionally with your cycle?
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