As woman, we are an unending circle. We ride the ebbs and flows of our inner seasons every month.

Through the process of Menstrual Mapping, you can gain greater wisdom on how to apply the natural cycles in your life to fully access the power available to you within that corresponding phase.

Each phase can represent an inner season, an archetype, a theme and comes with its own strengths and challenges.

A woman embodies the archetype of the Maiden from approximately day 7- 14 of her cycle.

Who is the maiden and what is her medicine?


Who is the maiden?

She carries enthusiasm and radiance of fresh young energy.  
She is intelligent, confident and charismatic and can seemingly transition between practical organisation skills and social collaboration
Her alluring presence and get shit done attitude is magnetic and she usually does not hear many not coming her way.
The maiden is unique in that she is balanced in both her rich & left brain hemispheres
She adores surrounding herself in beauty and indulgence.
She frolics and plays with creativity & expresses her newness and sexuality.
She beautifully embodies the transmission of Innerspring.

Spring is a time of new growth.  

It is a time of innocence and playfulness.

Buds are opening, the daylight is growing.

The Spring Equinox bring us a promise and animals pro-creating.  
The Earth is waking up. 
Light and warmth are coming back to dark earth.
Everything is fertile and the energy is to nurture new growth.
She is at her best sexually turned on, courageous, full of ideas and sows her seeds for future germination.
Her shadow aspects are naivety & self-involvement
Do any of these traits resonate with you?
She can be overwhelmed with ideas, good at starting things but lacks the drive to finish them.

Personally, I love to do Menstrual mapping.

This is a process whereby I keep track of where I am at my cycle and embody and utilise the corresponding aspects of this phase.I rest and renew with my cycle and journal my emotions terrain at different times in order to better understand myself
It wasn’t always this way for me. The catalyst was emerging out of a toxic relationship and journeying in to my feminine essence to find myself again.
Listening to my body
Through all of my pain, I learned how to listen to my body and give her the nourishment to thrive, inside and out.
By allowing myself to eat and move based on my inner rhythms, which constantly ebb and flow, I embraced a profound connection to myself.
I now live in harmony with my menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle, as well as my own changing seasons. I feel sexy, playful and sensual, and this radiates in my inner and outer landscapes.
I am here for you
My mentoring helps you to reconnect with your body, your wisdom and those elements of your being that set your soul on fire. I guide you to reclaim your true essence and your feminine core, so you can embrace the confident and empowered woman you are (and have always been).
Together, we work  to reconnect you with your feminine wisdom and embrace physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual self-care.