Superfood Treats- A Rap Vlog

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Apples and Berries
With Coconut cream
Dates in Essene bread
With a Hazelnut Dream
Figs lightly coated with rose petal syrup.
Curried root veg marinated with millet.
Hemp pumpkin soup with an olive oil swirl.
Raw walnut fudge with a fun marble twirl.
Spicy bean patties tossed through wild rocket.
Married together in spelt pitta pockets.
Raw Goji cocoa bars, lemon zest drizzle.
Stuffed pine nut peppers and honey-baked fennel.
Pecans and figs for this ice cream I think.
And sitting close by is my mint mocha drink.
Me got Figs and dates and coconut flakes.
Soupe and juice and superfood shakes.
All the things that ya need.
When ya body needs a break.
From the fucked up gm super sized intake.
Wipe up da bench with a smile on my face.
Rinse out the cloth
To that super heavy bass.
I sweep up the floor
With my big yellow broom
Singing out loud to da heavy reggae tune.
When I hear the drop,
I feel my heart pop.
I’ll be cooking up a storm
Beating eggs to da hip hop.
Mixing n blending whilst soaking up beats,
Filling up trays wid superfood treats.
Apples and berries and coconut cream,
Dates on Essene bread with a hazelnut dream.
Figs lightly coated  with rose petal syrup
Currie root veg marinade with millet.
Hemp pumpkin soup with an olive oil swirl.
Raw walnut fudge,
With a fun marble twirl.
Spicy bean patties
Tossed through wild rocket.
Married together in a spelt pitta pocket.
Raw cocoa goji bars
Lemon zest drizzle.
Stuffed pine nut peppers
And a honey baked fennel.
Pecans and figs for this ice cream I think.
And sitting close by
Is my mint mocha drink.
Me got figs and dates
And coconut flakes,
Soup and juice and superfood shakes.
All the things that you need
When your body needs a break
From the fucked up gm super size intake.
Wipe up da bench
With a smile on my face.
Rinse out the cloth to the super heavy bass.
Sweep up the floor
With mi big yellow broom
Singing out loud to the heavy reggae tune.
When you hear the drop
I’ll feel my heart pop
Ill be cooking up a storm 
Beaten eggs to the hip hop.
Mixin and blending whilst soaking up beats
Fillin up trays with my super food treats.

See its just fresh from the tree

You wanna eat wth soul and eat consciously

Treat all livng things respectfully

Give thanks and make peace with me


I love colours

Puple pink yellow  and green.
I like to eat my food
When its fresh and clean.
When I am feeling kinda down
I make a cashew cream.
Prepare an apple pie
With some raw ice cream.
Don’t be fooled by the packaging
I’ll tell you now.
Because it says beef
It don’t mean that its cow.
They’ll say anything
Just to make another quid
The truth of the matters
Is in the tummy of a kid.
So wake up wake up
Put your headlights on.
Cos eating dead food
Will make your brain go numb.
We love to consume
We don’t question why,
Grind it all together
In the case of a pie.
And did you know right now
They are growing chops in a lab?
Lying to the world
Just like the swine flu jab.
They try and make us sick
And weaken up your system.
But you have to be a fool
Not to open up and listen!
Try and eat local for a very simple reason.
It just makes sense to eat
What’s in season.
Sure you can live on greasy food
And rotten flesh,
But imagine how you’d feel
If you just ate fresh.
Papaya figs and lime
Make your body feel sublime,
 Or a coconut a day
Keeps your ailment at bay.
Fruit juices made with kale
Spirulina makes you sail,
Through the day like a breeze
Take a break to exhale!

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