Do You Ever Stop And Examine Your Beliefs?

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Do you ever stop and examine your thoughts?

Most of society walk around with at least some limited and conditioned belief systems that don’t really serve them.

Quite often the beliefs that we have inherited are societal, genetic, ancestral, familial.

Our perceptions influence our beliefs, that influence our thoughts, emotions, actions, behaviours and ultimately shape our reality.

ūü߆Sometimes it goes much deeper than we initially perceive:

ūü߆What do the stories you tell yourself cause you to miss out on life?

ūü߆How do they make you feel?

When we get incredibly hurt, one of the bodies coping and safety mechanisms are to create walls and armour and very naturally it does this to prevent us from getting hurt again. On the flipside, armouring, also known as energetic shielding limits us from feeling and connection. This, in turn, disconnects us from our true power because we are suppressing a part of ourselves or choosing not to feel who we truly are, either on a subconscious or conscious level.


It is the story that prevents us from truly opening to love.

It is a form of protection. And sometimes very necessary. We can also employ avoidance strategies, resistances and blocks that are an integral part of coping with pain or trauma (macro or micro). This is the bodies way of avoiding overwhelm, that can serve us well at the time but eventually, we notice that these patterns are repeating themselves in our lives within different contexts. 
There is usually a payoff for operating this way, which more often than not is the avoidance of pain, unworthiness and LOVE in some form.

Heart Armouring

Opening the heart requires letting go of energetic density and physical armouring created by the loss of love, grief, mistrust, abandonment, aloneness, unexpressed emotions and fear of surrender. We open our hearts by feeling and loving these uncomfortable feelings. 
A few years ago I came out of a long-term, emotionally abusive co-dependent relationship. The finalisation of this chapter in my life ending abruptly was, without a doubt, the most excruciatingly painful and challenging time of my life. For a long time, I lived my life in victim mode, blaming, feeling disempowered and paralyzed through the circumstances of events.
I felt so utterly broken and unworthy of love. So I kept as busy and distracted as possible in order to avoid going inwards and embody that connection I desired, the one with myself.

My perspective

In order for any form of emotional abuse to happen there has to be weak spots in your subconscious to align you to this in the first place. Many of my gaps were to do with fear of being controlled, fear of being accused of lack of integrity, dishonesty and fears of being distrusted.

Because these were unintegrated, I lacked wholeness, completion and evolution in these areas. This, in turn, meant that Failed to speak up for me, set firm boundaries and was jaded when it came to my rights about my personal space.


I thought I had to fix myself and felt so disconnected from life. I had no sexual or sensual desire either with myself or lovers. I was relying on external sources for self-soothing. I tried healers, the latest diet, a new exercise plan and although these all may be perceived as healthy habits they were coming from a place of lack. A space inside myself I was using as a deflection method.

I would mistake manipulation for love and would constantly give away my power in exchange for love, security, validation and approval. My young unhealed wounds grasped on thinking this was purity and when i finally realised what was happening, it was too late.

In retrospect, it forced me to look at my own issues, through my subconscious limiting beliefs and stories that kept me small. 
I cleared childhood wounding as well as DNA ancestral wounds from past female generations. I had to take an excruciating magnifying glass at what attracted me into this soulmate relationship in the first place and sieve out the soul truths, which was this was never meant to work, it was meant to wake me up, heal me and illuminate a new path.
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