Sacred Circles and workshops

”Sisterhood and collaboration, heals timelines.

Group workshops & circles can help women step into their power by uncovering old patterns of conditioning and identifying habits that have kept you stuck in the script of old identities. 

These spaces give us permission to start to heal, transform and create new scripts so you can live in alignment with your true self and amplified by the strength of the collective

The ripple of impact through rewriting the story will shift women + ancestral lines, which in turn Impacts the earth and the planet because it’s releasing a lot of the narratives + old paradigm wounding that is unhealthy and keeping us stuck in comparison traps.

I endeavour to hold you in an emotionally safe, nurturing, supportive community environment.

All the Workshops & Womens Circle for 2021 are listed below. We are excited to co-create magic with you!

Sacred Circles and workshops

Art:@chanelbaran- Sisterhood Of The Rose

Sacred Sisterhood Circles

Community, connection and support in a safe and held space. This is what we all crave. Sisterhood magic stems from a vital longing for deep connection through authenticity, vulnerability, expression of all our states of being and witnessing each other.

Such kinship has ancient roots in our lineage and today more than ever we are longing for this magic. To reconnect the way our ancestors once did.

Join us for a soul-nourishing monthly women’s circle.

These sisterhood circles are for women and femme in the exploration of women awakening to their innate power.

“In a women’s circle, we move from the paradigm of “Power Over” (which leads to dominance, greed, scarcity, oppression, inequality, and a lack of opportunity ) to the “Power With” paradigm.” Lauren Walsch.

To heal the sisterhood wound is an evolving process. This is one of the reasons I LOVE holding women’s circles. It is so important for us to have safe containers to be witnessed and truly seen in our stories. When we do we show other women that we can be honest within our struggle + pain.

I run circles because I love to see women step into their power and witness the ripple effect it can have within different areas of our live

Sacred Circles and workshops


Love Your Cycle In Person Workshop

“Love Your Cycle: Is an In-depth and embodied journey to understanding and harnessing the creative power of your cycle.”

For centuries women have been conditioned to shame, fear and punish their bodies.

Disconnecting from it and not truly harnessing the full power of their cycle.

But many are starting to realise:

Your period is part of your power.

This is not something you were taught in school.

But there are women awakening all over the world, tapping into the full power of their womb and creative energies guided by their menstrual cycles.

This workshop is for people who want to more deeply understand the natural rhythms of their body so that they can:

✷ Reduce painful PMS symptoms & balance mood swings

✷ Organise their lifestyle to optimise productivity and flow 

✷ Learn deeper levels of self-compassion and self-care

✷ Manage energy to avoid burnout and fatigue.

There are 5 modules diving deep into the 4 phases of a menstruators cycle, including a bonus Application Module that includes the Menstrual Mapping Tracker and how to use it.

Your body is uniquely geared to serve you.

Unfortunately because many of us have not been shown or taught how to tap into the magical wisdom of each of the 4 stages of our cycles, we are fighting against our bodies, causing more pain, fatigue and self-judgement.

Imagine living a life, where you could predict when you were going to be your most creative, and organising your time around that?

I would love to walk by your side.

Sacred Circles and workshops

Art:@chanelbaran- Sisterhood Of The Rose

Self Love And Empowerment- Women’s Workshops

Art- @chanelbaran- Sisterhood Of The Rose


Women’s Wisdom:   In these workshops, we dive into and explore a range of topics such as Sexuality, menstruation, holistic health, cyclical self-care, masculine & feminine dynamics.

The intention of these spaces is to empower you through conscious practices and education in various areas of your life in relation to your womanhood.

 The Aligned Woman Sisterhood offers an opportunity for every person to step forward and share their stories, creative gifts and wisdom. 

This is a co-creative space where we learn and lean on each other.