How Do You And Your Partner Communicate?

by | 23 Jan 2019 | Relationships

How frequently do you have a conversation and/or make eye contact with no distractions?

Do you understand your partner’s needs… On a day to day basis?

When and what situations are they struggling with stress?

Does your partner understand your needs?

When were the last time you both shared what you appreciate most about each other and the relationship you are in?

Do you express what you would like to improve in the relationship container?

What decisions do you and your partner agree should be made together?

How can you put aside time every week to actively listen, without judgement, to your partner?

How to build long-lasting love and communication skills in your relationship.

Creating an intimate and long-lasting relationship takes commitment and personal responsibility.

DATE NIGHTS- Set the precedent early establish a weekly date night and take turns planning. YES- This includes sex dates. Create different themes for your lovemaking. Sensual, kinky, role play, tantric, animalistic.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT- Practice acknowledging when your partner goes beyond the call of duty, even for little things, like doing that chore you hate to do.

HONESTY- Speak about any actions that make you feel hurt, stressed, guilty, or bad in any way, but avoid blaming, shaming

SERVICE- act of giving & receiving without expectation. It allows flow.

GENEROSITY- Giving & loving without fear of it being too much. This can be done at all levels. This can be infectious and influence your mate/lover.

SELFLESSNESS- this is wanting the best for your partner regardless of your desires. E.g- separating, or going on a trip. Moving for work.

FORGIVENESS- If we don’t forgive we only hurt ourselves. This is detrimental in a relationship. We don’t need the other person apologies to forgive.

REGULAR CHECK-INS- Create a safe, judgement-free space for your partner. Be open and share your strengths, weaknesses, annoyances, and preferences.

PRESENCE- In a world of chaos and celebrated busyness. Really show your partner you are there for them. Put down all devices when they are speaking to you. Look them in the eye and be there with them. Practice eye contact when speaking, and rephrase.