A Womb Activation And Cleansing Meditation


If we want to heal, empower and awaken our feminine essence, our sexuality & our cyclical wisdom, we must tune into clear, heal and activate our womb space.

This mediation takes you on a journey to activate and heal any unwanted energy from this sacred space.



I like to cleanse my womb every time I bleed. The womb is a receptive vessel

And it stores everything. it is an open space designed for creating and birthing life/ideas and when it is not then it is not being cleared consciously,

We can unconsciously store everything else there too in our cells and tissues as they have their own memory. Past lovers leave their energetic imprint, heaviness from past hurts from men, repressed emotions, traumatic births, pregnancy loss (of any kind) stuck sexual energy can all be stored in this area if we have not dialogued and consciously cleansed this space.


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