Menstrual Mystic – A Poem

by | 23 Jan 2019 | Feminine, Poem | 0 comments

I can feel her calling
My moon time is close

I’m heavy
My movements are slow

My bones they feel dense
I want to drink tea

And take a short nap
and dream of the sea

It’s time to rest
shes talks in sensation

My womb is switched on
and feeling elation

She knows that is time for death and rebirth
To pray to the moon
upon this new earth

It’s time to rest
Craft magic and spells

To journal and read
and sing to my cells

To write poetry.
and worship my womb
Release energy and thoughts that may doom

To listen to music sultry & soulful
Create raw delights and eat them in bowlfuls

To light lotus candles
And smudge up the sage

To write out a letter
and burn the whole page

To feel my yoni release & contract
To self-inquire at where I react

To feel my hips and dance by the moon
To wear cosy socks
eat chocolate from spoons

To return my elixir back to the earth
And flirt with the darkness.
Where shadows are birthed

To seek quietude
And take nature baths
To feel dam orgasmic
and carve a new path

This sacred elixir of life
I honour you
I honour you
I honour you


Menstrual Mystic Vlog

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