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Are you craving deep and meaningful relationships with yourself and others but feel blocked and can’t seem to access your authentic self?

Do you find yourself wearing masks, pretending to feel better than you actually feel?

Do you feel something in your life is not quite right?

Even if you currently feel there is something missing from your life – and you’re just not sure what that is, or how to change it

 Sacred Alignment

This feeling may manifest in many different ways.

Numb from the waist down?
Stuck in your head and disconnected from your emotions?
Overwhelmed and overcommitted, risking exhaustion and burnout?

If you feel out of touch with your body you are not alone!

The world we live in is geared to make women feel inadequate – in their bodies and their power.

Sacred alignment is a mentorship that will help you to learn how to develop and access your own inner alignment.  It is a powerful yet gentle unique soul-based coaching method that empowers you to rewrite inner fear and live a more empowered life.

This process aims to guides you to expand your perceptions beyond fear and many aspects of your ego, so you may interpret your life, experiences and relationships, from a more compassionate loving state. This strips away the unhealthy belief systems, patterns and stories that have  accumulated within all of us over time and distanced us from our truth.

 Walk away from this mentorship knowing how to align with your authentic self and deepen your emotional self-awareness.

Some/all areas we can explore together are:

Identity Shifting

Uncover old patterns of conditioning and identify habits that have kept you stuck in the script of old identities.  Heal, transform and create new scripts so you can live in alignment with your true self.


Learn tools to process challenging emotions independently, and move through past hurt.


Deepen your connection with all aspects of yourself and the parts of you that you have shunned away.

Masculine & Feminine

Learn the dynamics and characteristics of masculine and feminine energy and understand how you use this in your daily life, and how this attracts you to and affects your relationship with others.


Learn how to identify blocks in your emotions, and     how to reframe and move through them.

Emotional Embodiment

Learn practical strategies to deepen your levels of presence, power and the embodiment of your emotions.

Inner child understanding

Learn how unmet needs, desires and expectations from your childhood may be playing out in your adult life.

Shadow Work

Learn how your unconscious mind & values may be affecting your life in unknown ways. 

Cyclical Rhythms

Nourish, move, work and play in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable and aligned with your unique constitution and your cyclical nature and use it to empower you


Repattern your connection to yourself and embody your natural feminine power; sync with your natural flow

The Womb

Learn the intricacies of the womb, and its creative, sexual and magnetic potency.

The Menstrual Cycle

Learn about how the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle affect your mood, emotions, energy and productivity.


Learn how to harness the gifts of being a sensitive woman.

Sexual Empowerment

Gaining more sexual empowerment by uncovering the unconscious patterns/ beliefs that may be blocking you from accessing your full pleasure potential.


Understanding your own needs, desires, boundaries, and being able to communicate them clearly to your lover.


Creating more chemistry and deeper levels of intimacy with yourself and/or your partner.

This mentorship was designed to help you fully experience

 Sacred Alignment

Inner peace and balance.

Deep and meaningful relationships with yourself and others.

More vitality, energy and personal power.

Full-body confidence and deep feelings of self-worth.

A balanced holistic lifestyle - between self-care, work and play.

Synchronicity with your feminine rhythms – so you can fully embrace the cyclical nature of your body to empower you.

Devotion to yourself through radical self-love and care.

Body adoration and a deeper level of confidence and trust in your body.

Deep connection with your inner wisdom to create an authentic life path.

Feeling alive, free and confident within yourself, your body and your voice

Connected with your body, pleasure and inner guidance

Less pressure to be “perfect"

Overcoming the obstacles preventing you from aligning to your desires and ideal life.

More passion, love and connection in all your relationships.

More self-love and less self judgement.

Creating a life is in in alignment with your true values.


If you are interested in finding how to best work with me, I invite you to contact me below, and set up a FREE connection session or you can drop me an email to voice your interest and any concerns coming up for you.

Image credit: Chanel Baran- taken for the Sisterhood of the Rose Reatreat with Leyolah Antara and Shona Keeli

Sacred Mentoring is for you if:

✎ You find yourself stuck and resistant to the woman you desire to be

✎ You fear change and losing your sense of self.

✎ You worry you’ll be unable to break your cycles of the repeating patterns you are finding yourself in.

You’re tired of feeling guilty for saying no, playing the good girl and living up to everyone else’s expectations

✎ You are scared to stop and delve in to emotions, so keep yourself distracted and busy?

✎ You feel like you are too much and simultaneously not enough

You’re over playing the role of nice girl and are ready to unleash all parts of you

✎ You feel constantly overwhelmed, busy and over-committed in your life

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✎ You’re afraid of what the people in your life think of you and fear being judged.

You struggle to fully surrender to pleasure and enjoy intimacy? 

✎ You find yourself wearing masks, pretending to feel better than you actually feel.

✎ You’ve stopped prioritizing your pleasure, creativity, and enjoyment in life.

✎ You feel like your femininity is a weakness

✎ You are afraid to be your full authentic self as you don’t want to outshine others.

✎ You are so used to striving, doing, and achieving that you have lost touch with the real, authentic you and what makes you feel alive?

✎You have taken on the belief your body is flawed and only there for the enjoyment of others

 Sacred Alignment

This program is available as a  1 or 3-month journey.

For the long-term mentorship, please fill out the application form below to start the process.

What you will receive:

A 1 or 3-month 1:1 transformational program designed to show you how to harness the power of your natural feminine energy through the power of ancient women’s wisdom.