Natural Remedies for Period Pain

by | 4 Nov 2019 | Menstrualtion, Moon-time, Pain, Period

So many of us suffer every month and even dread our cycle. And although I have never had debilitating cramps, I have had inflammation of the pelvis and ruptured ovarian cysts.

These are all female reproductive ailments and a sign that something is off. There is always an emotional root, as well as the physical manifestation as to why we may suffer from reproductive issues.

Once I started to become more intimate with my womb space, listen to my inner world and map my menstrual cycle, my symptoms disappeared. How your body responds during bleeding is a direct reflection of how you’ve been treating and supporting it in the weeks leading up.

As women, we have had a long history of shame & suppression connected to our menstruation. We have been fed messages on how it should look and be conducted, yet denying this vital part of our cyclical bodies dims down our true nature and evolution.

In fact, it is still taboo today for many. We have been lied to and illusioned around the potency and sacredness of our blood.

Our mothers didn’t show us how to alchemise this potion, offer it back to the earth and manifest our desires. I know I was conditioned to believe my period was an inconvenience and shameful part of life. I’m sure many for you can relate.

I’m fucking sick of it. We are bombarded with menstrual product adverts of women in white clothing prancing around and being active. The epitome of sterile and tame.

The masses do not convey the true depiction of our various archetypes we journey through the month in and month out. Or we google that shit and see images of women doubled over in pain tearing their air out.

Now, I am not saying that severe pain is not a common reality in some women’s lives but I am saying that I don’t subscribe to this being the only way!

We are not often taught about the wisdom of our moon time unless we had open-minded women and sisters who were passionate and in flow with their cycles.

Our bleeding time CAN be a beautiful and spiritual practice of death and rebirth. Every month we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, shed and renew.

It’s actually quite profound. And the more you celebrate your blood and look after yourself physically and emotionally leading up to your cycle. The deeper your connection can be.

Period Pain Tips


  • CBD patches (if legal in your country)
  • CBD/THS suppositories (if legal in your country)
  • Movement and sweating during the rest of your cycle
  • Womb love & massage
  • Castor oil packs (during luteal phase)
  • Greens and clean eating, especially during luteal
  • Liver cleansers and supporters to metabolise excess oestrogen (during ovulation and luteal)
  • Enemas
  • Omega 3 and evening primrose
  • Iron-rich foods
  • Blood-nourishing food and herbs


  • Emotional clearing
  • Womb clearing
  • Allowing shadows to come to light during your Luteal (PMS) phase
  • Using your favourite introspection tools during your Luteal phase
  • Take day one-off and feel whatever is there
  • Feminine lineage healing
  • Allowing and expressing creative flow
  • Being in integrity and alignment with your truth

When properly nurtured, our womb and cycles can become an intuitive guide, navigating us through life.

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