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Reconnect - Reclaim - Rebirth

Image credit: Chanel Baran- taken for the Sisterhood of the Rose Retreat with Leyolah Antara and Shona Keeli

The Womxn Awakened

 feel connected to your body and satisfied with the life you are leading

Even if you currently feel there is something missing from your life – and you’re just not sure what that is, or how to change it

Do you feel something in your life is not quite right?

This feeling may manifest in many different ways.

Disconnected from your body? Unclear about your sense of identity?

Feeling flat and lethargic some days, vibrant on others, and not quite sure how to sync and balance  your life with your emotions and natural vitality is one way that being disconnected from your body may manifest.

Feeling self-doubt and disbelief in yourself  and your abilities, not sure what it looks like for you to pursue your dreams from a place of aliveness is one way lack of clarity around your identitiy might show up.

All too often, we are guided to numb our pain (both physical and emotional), ignore our inconvenient and often “erratic” emotions and push through our fatigue

Lacking in passion and purpose? Feeling disconnected from your inner wisdom, your motivation,  your creativity, your libido, and sensual life-force.   You know that there is more juiciness for you to shine but not sure how to make that happen.


Overwhelmed by life and lost? Feeling constantly overworked, always pushing and doing without taking time for yourself and what nourishes you. Worried more about others than yourself.

Lacking in deep and meaningful relationships? Desiring deeper connections and stronger chemistry with others in an intimate, pleasurable and vulnerable way.

If you are feeling or have felt some of these ways I am here to tell you:

You are perfect

You are not alone

Reconnect, Reclaim and Rebirth

In a Paradigm where the western medicine approach is favouredthe cyclical nature of the feminine can often be overlooked, especially in the workplace. Perhaps you have been told that you are “too sensitive” and thus avoid vulnerability and emotional exposure.

For most of our lives, human society has taught womxn that the” get shit done, linear attitude” is the most appreciated, valued, and respected, whilst the qualities of sensitivity, slowness and emotional depth should be hidden away, disregarded, and shunned. 

It is no surprise to me that the womxn I meet do not feel connected to their bodies, let alone satisfied with the lives they are leading.

sound familiar?

sound familiar?

Tired of having no time for yourself?

Feeling constantly drained by everything around you?

You know that you need to take time out but you simply can’t bear to allow yourself the space to do so.

As womxn, we have been so conditioned to give to others but not to ourselves. We know that we can’t give from an empty cup however we feel so guilty taking time out to care for ourselves that we just can’t stop that vicious cycle of giving and doing.

Many of the womxn who come to me feel something in their lives is not quite right. This feeling may manifest in many different ways.

Some womxn feel there is something missing from their lives – they’re just not sure what that is, or how to change it.

Some feel caught in the mechanics of day-to-day life, constantly working and striving.

We live in a world where pushing, striving and productivity are celebrated. So it is no wonder that many of us feel locked in a cycle of doing, it can be challenging to say the least to forge a path for a more balanced and more Yin/Feminine way of living.

On top of this, we are constantly fed negative messages from the media, about what we should look like, and how we, as womxn, should behave.

It is no surprise to me that the womxn I meet don’t feel connected to their bodies, let alone satisfied with the lives they are leading.

I believe every womxn could benefit from working with an Empowerment Mentor, to help remove those blocks that are stopping her from living an authentic and vibrant life.

Benefits of the Womxn Awakened


A  transformational journey designed to show you how to harness the power of your natural feminine energy through the power of ancient womxn’s wisdom.

The benefits you can expect by completing your Awakened Womxn 1:1 Mentorship journey:

★ A deeper connection to your authentic self.

★ Deeper attunement to your yourself and other significant people in your life to create sacred and lasting relationships

★ Empowered and loving communication – using tools which empower you to communicate authentically.

★ Deeper alignment with your soul – by connecting with your truth, voice and body

★ Deeper self-love– so you no longer rely external sources for validation.

★ Manifest using your feminine power

★ Deeper levels of relaxation and peace.

★ Higher confidence & self-worth

★ Deeper alignment with your body’s wisdom and natural rhythms

★ Reprograming of past beliefs and heal inner child wounds.

★ Deepening your connection to your sacred sexuality, for greater intimacy with others

★ Deepening your emotional world.

Womxn Awakened

1 Month Mentorship 1:1


🖤 4 x 60-minute 1:1 guided Awakened Womxn sessions with Shoshi

🖤 Re-watchable recordings of the sessions.

🖤 Awakened Womxn Spotify Playlist.

🖤 Access to Shoshi between sessions via voice notes. 

🖤 BONUS: Pay in full and receive exclusive access to womxn’s wisdom resources such as meditations, teachings, journaling prompts, rituals and ceremonies 

🖤 Payment plan available: 2 equal payments fortnightly of $641

Womxn Awakened Deluxe

3 Month Mentorship 1:1

$ 3000

✷ Initial  2 hour Awakened Womxn intensive intuitive session to begin the journey. 

✷ 2 x 60-minute 1:1 guided RITUAL per month

Awakened Womxn Spotify Playlist

Access to Shoshi between sessions via voice notes

✷ Private exclusive access to womxn’s wisdom resources such as meditations, teachings, journaling prompts, rituals and ceremonies 

✷ Detailed follow-up reflective notes and personalised insights after each session delivered via email 

✷ Personally designed rituals and guidance to harness the Ancient Secrets for Modern Womxn to enhance your vitality,  radiance and align with your feminine power 

✷ BONUS: Pay in full and receive a Light Language Activation & a womb activation/healing session.

✷ Payment plan: $150 initial deposit followed by 3 equal payments of $1000

WE can work with the FEMININE FLOW Pillars

Feminine Flow Pillars


A path to greater empowered vulnerability. Own, honour and embody your full feminine feeling and emotional depth.

Womb wisdom

Establish a sacred relationship with your womb to receive guidance and creativity. Clear  and heal energetic blocks that are stifling your expression. 

Feminine Rhythms

Nourish, move, work and play in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable and aligned with your unique constitution and your feminine cycles.

Soul Alignment

Feel empowered in your body, your truth and your voice. Gently reveal what limiting beliefs are standing in your way of living the life that you desire.

Self Devotion

Design and Devoting time & space to radical self-love & care.

Sexual Empoweremnt

Uncover any unconscious  beliefs that may be blocking you from accessing your full pleasure potential. Release cultural and societal taboos about sexuality and self-judgement

Magic Manifestor

Learn the principles of womb alchemy. Manifest intentions in a way that is sexy, empowering and exciting.

Body Adoration

 Explore new and healthier ways you relate to your body. Develop deeper levels of self trust.  Make peace with your plate and become playful with your food.

Is this for you?

If you are interested in finding how it will serve you best to work with me, I invite you to contact me below, and set up a Free Connection Session.
In this session, you will have space to voice your interest and any concerns coming up for you.