Why You Should Learn Menstrual Mapping

by | 25 Nov 2019 | Menstrual cycle, Moon-time

I am deeply passionate about guiding women on a journey back home to their bodily wisdom. In the western world, we are incredibly fortunate to be living at a time where women can reclaim their feminine power!

I know I was conditioned to believe my period was an annoying and shameful part of life. I’m sure many for you can relate. Yet over time as I developed a more profound connection to myself and my emotions, I learned to fall in love with my cyclical body, implementing simple practices and rituals that turned my cycle into my teacher – syncing my life and work in this modern-day world.

Do you ever notice how your mood, energy, food cravings, libido and emotions fluctuate within your monthly cycle?

When we don’t map our menstrual cycle, we can feel like we are fighting an uphill battle.

For most of our lives, society has taught women that “the get shit done” masculine way of doing life is the approach that’s most appreciated and valued, while the feminine depth, sensitivity and emotional bandwidth has been shunned.

The challenge with embracing one end of the spectrum is that this leaves little room for downtime (yin) in our lives. The biology and hormonal profile of those who menstruate (or are menopausal) and those who don’t are drastically different

Hormonally, energetically, emotionally, physically, sexually and creatively those who bleed require a different level of nourishment and consideration whilst traversing their inner rhythms.

Why not use this gift to our advantage and craft our upcoming month based on our innate rhythms?

As modern-day women, phase alignment can be our greatest ally. We can use our ever-changing cycles and embrace intense emotional states exploring through sound, movement and inner awareness through feminine embodiment practices.

Inner work: This primarily happens within the body, contrary to the use of intellect, we are listening and engaging with the body as a channel. It is the innate bodily wisdom. A process whereby you strip away and uncover the unconscious patterns, stories, programming and shame blocking you from accessing your full potential. Empowering fear with love and acceptance.

We can still be powerful soft and strong. Productive and vulnerable. When we align our minds, emotions and energy according to our cycles we function more optimally & end up more productive and efficient in the long run.

My background is in health, nutrition, movement & detox, but alongside all of this, what underpins all my holistic work is the reclamation of our Feminine power & remembrance of our ancient feminine wisdom. Living life in alignment with our primitive essence.

Outer work: This is working with the physical body, as a way of nourishing us from the outside in. By tuning into the feminine cycles we can determine how to approach our self-care in the realms of nutrition, movement & cleansing our body. By doing this we are working in alignment with our true feminine nature.

Listening to my body

My pain has been my most potent teacher. Once upon-a-time I was constantly trying to change the way I looked. I held deep-seated shame around my periods, my body hair, my sexuality and wildness as a woman. Over time and painful life lessons, I learned how to listen to my body and give her the nourishment to thrive, inside and out.

If becoming more intimate with the power of your cycle lights you up, you can check out Womb Rhythms.

Through these sessions you will discover:
🌹The 4 phases of your menstrual cycle
🌹Use your cycle as your teacher and work in alignment with each phase
🌹How to fall in love with your cyclical feminine body
🌹Guidance on how to make your menstruation sacred and other rituals for awakening your feminine flow
🌹How to sync your lifestyle and work in a modern world
🌹How to smash it in your business & career
🌹 How to eat and move in accordance with your cycle
🌹Simple practices that turned my cycle into my muse

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