10 Tips On How To Make Your Moon-Time A Conscious, Orgasmic And Blissful Practise

by | 13 May 2019 | Altar, Blood, Cyclical, Devotion, Embodiment, Love, Lunar, Menstrual cycle, Period, Resistance, Ritual, Sensuality, Sexuality

1) Take the 1st day of if you can. Rest and renew. This is usually when we bleed the heaviest and are the most introspective.

2) Sleep in and take naps.

3) Honour the moon with lunar rituals.

4) Honour your blood with blood prayers and rituals. Ideas below.

5) Create a cosy womb nest, a red tent of sorts. Think warm, fluffy and cozy.

6) Create a moontime altar.

7) Eat nourishing foods and delicious cacao/ molasses treats. (high in Magnesium and Iron)

8) Have foods and healthy treats ready to go that you have prepared in your Luteal phase.

9) Embrace and honour your sensuality. (however, that looks) My body craves slow, sultry soft movement/ dancing with earthy beats.

10) Breast and/or womb massage with rose oil.

One bonus one) Cry – let yourself cry.

The only thing that you need to do is be with yourself. This is a potent time of restoration.

Trust me these practices did not use to be the norm for me. I would just go about my life pushing forward with no awareness.

In turn, I suffered from cramps and emotional outbursts. Was so disconnected from my body. Sure, from the outside I looked healthy and was eating the nutritious things and exercising a lot. BUT, it was coming from a place of fear and wanting to look good .

I followed all the latest dogma, raw, vegan, paleo but I never stopped to see what my body wanted.

When I tuned in, I realised that my body was always craving and needing different foods depending on my inner rhythms and where I was at in my cycle.

Some questions to consider regarding what you eat?

儭Am I training hard, needing more calories
儭Am I bleeding, needing grounding & warm foods?
儭Do I need warmer foods, for my cold constitution?
儭Do I need grounding foods today after releasing emotionally?
儭Do I need mainly cleansing foods today?
儭Should I fast today?

I have found my way to trust my intuition with food.

By allowing myself to eat and move based on my unique seasons and cycles, I now eat depending on what outcome I desire: Fitness, cleansing, grounding, my moon cycle, energy and at times the pure hedonistic pleasure.

Does this resonate?

I have found that by using my inner rhythms as a wise teacher and addressing any nutritional and hormonal imbalances, I can now live with my moon flow as my guide, my body as a compass and ride the ebbs and flows of what it is to be a woman with more grace.

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