10 Juicy Benefits Of Connecting To Your Cycle.

by | 23 May 2019 | Altar, Blood, Cyclical, Devotion, Embodiment, Fear, Love, Lunar, Menstrual cycle, Menstrualtion, Moon-time, Pain, Period, Sensuality, Sexuality, Shame, Woman, Women

Do you struggle with your periods?

Do you see them as a waste of time/an inconvenience?

Have you shamed or had you periods shamed in the past?

Well. What if we could make menstruation a beautiful conscious practise?

What if we could cherish this time and hold sacred to our hearts and wombs?

What if we could actually look forward to this sacred time of the month?

Believe it or not, we can over time harness the most exquisite relationship with our moon flow.

I know I used to see my menstrual cycle as shameful and an inconvenience.

I had quite intense monthly cramps which I would numb out with painkillers. I would often suffer from PMS (luteal phase symptoms) and was a slave to my emotions.

What if we could cherish this time and hold sacred to our hearts and wombs?

The thing is that I never stopped to asses what was going on in my life. I carried on pushing, striving working hard and I definitely did not stop my hardcore workouts. Why would I, I was told that exercise was good for you during your period.

But, the truth is when I slowed down and asked my body, she revealed to me to stop my crazy hard workouts and focus on light stretching and yin based movement.

She told me to journal and inquire about what has and hasn’t been working in my life the previous month.

She gently whispered to me, to listen to my emotions and embrace them through sound, breath and movement:

1) When we bleed our womb is activated and we are able to connect to ourselves on a much deeper level. This is the place that houses our intuition and innate wisdom. So listen to the subtle whispers, journal, go inwards.

2) We have greater capacity to release anything/ person/ experience/ looping thought forms. These energies can stagnate in our womb and block ur creative potential.

3) Magnetizing our desires towards us with greater ease and flow. This is a time of introspection and an opportunity to set intentions for the upcoming month. We can use our sensual and creative force (Shakti), to plant the seeds of our intention into our womb (our cauldron).

4) We can tune in to the womb of life. The womb of mama earth. The wombs of our sisters. The womb of our ancestors and the moon. Knowing that we are all interconnected.

5) We have the ability to be in our soft, receptive Yin state. We can tap into our feminine flow and sensuality.

6) We can experience deeper orgasmic pleasure during this time, as our whole yoni (A Sanskrit word for the womb, and the female organs) is more sensitive and heightened.

7) Its a natural cleanser- Menstruation itself is a natural cleanser. Your cycle is your body’s own way of cleansing and flushing out toxins naturally. We detox and cleanse on an emotional, physical and mental level.

8) Dreams are more vivid & our subconscious is able to surface providing us with information that we can release both physically and metaphorically with our blood.

9) The more you honour stillness during this phase the greater the clarity, inspiration and vibrancy that will be ignited for your consecutive phases.

10) It’s a beautiful opportunity to take self-care and sleep up a notch or two.

By allowing myself to eat and move based on my inner rhythms, which constantly ebb and flow, I have embraced a profound connection to myself. I now live in harmony with my menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle, as well as my own changing seasons.

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