Magnetic Woman: A 9-week transformative journey into unlocking your true potential and harnessing the power of your divine feminine gifts.

Discover your sacred feminine power by reclaiming your pleasure, tapping into the wisdom of your womb, creating harmony with your cycle, and cultivating a relationship with your inner self.

Our society is obsessed with gender roles, stereotyping, and what is/is not appropriate for men or women. All of this sets out to divide us even more.
The TRUTH is that we each contain both feminine and masculine energies and what matters is achieving balance between the two within, us regardless of gender identification.

We have been conditioned by toxic patriarchal values which tell us to:

Hustle and grind. Force. Man up.
Don’t be a pussy.


This results in us embodying TOO much of our masculine energy and not feeling safe or trusting in our feminine.

This can show up as:

Feeling guilty for taking a break

Feeling like you’ve failed if you don’t achieve all the things you set out to do in a day

Equating resting and down-time with laziness

Seeing pleasure as unproductive and a waste of time

Forcing, pushing, and not trusting in the Universe

Feeling in competition with men and having zero success in relationships

The values we live by here are:

Cyclical self-care

Soft power













For centuries women have been conditioned to shame, fear and punish their bodies.

Magnetic Woman

9 – Week Live Group Immersion.

This is all about embodying TRUE self-love, achieving balance between the feminine and masculine within, discovering your natural talents, releasing shame, guilt, and any other limiting beliefs you have surrounding sexuality, intimacy, and self-pleasure.

We’ll dive deep and find out what’s holding you back, why you might be playing small, and what past experiences may have stunted your growth. We’ll discover the root of that resitance which has kept you stuck and learn how to work with it, not against it.

You’ll come to have a better understanding of who you truly are, NOT who you had been conditioned to believe.

What Is Possible:

Heal wounds around your sexuality, womanhood, the feminine, and your menstrual cycle.

Harness your feminine power to magnetise your desires and create a life you WANT.

More passion, love, and connection in all your relationships.

Forge a deeper connection with your inner wisdom to create an authentic life path.

Release all sexual inhibitions and unleash your Wild Woman!

Devote time and space to radical self-love and care

A revelation in identifying the limiting beliefs standing in the way of your desires.

Allow pleasure to be your driving force.

Establish a sacred relationship with your womb, opening you up to receive guidance and creativity.

Feel alive, free and confident within yourself, your body and using your voice.

Learn how to harness the gifts of being a sensitive woman.

Are you ready to explore the powerful and healing depths of your true feminine essence?

This online immersion will assist you to deepen your study of sexuality, creativity, relationships, sensual self-intimacy, and feminine embodiment.

Explorational Themes


Learn the tools needed to process challenging emotions and let go of past hurt and disappointment. Heal, transform and create new scripts so you can live in alignment with your true self.


Deepen your connection with all aspects of yourself and the parts of you that you have shunned away. 

Masculine & Feminine

Learn the dynamics and characteristics of masculine and feminine energy and understand how this affects your daily life and affects your relationships with others.


Understand how resistance works, when it shows up, and discover the inner-core wounds that are causing it.

Emotional Embodiment

Learn practical strategies to deepen your levels of presence, power and develop a healthy attitude to your emotions.

Cyclical Rhythms

Nourish, move, work and play in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable. Learn to listen to the way your body wants to express itself through movement and honour it.

The Menstrual Cycle

Discover in-depth knowledge about the science of your cycle, gain insight into how each phase affects you, when is the best time to be productive, and learn how to schedule your life in harmony with your cycle.



Release the stigma surrounding all your innermost desires and discover new ways to express yourself unapologetically without shame or guilt.

Inner child understanding

Learn how unmet needs, desires and expectations from your childhood may be playing out in your adult life and discover where these emotional blocks originated from.

Shadow Work

Learn how your unconscious mind & values may be affecting your life in unknown ways.

Identity shifting

Reprogram your subconscious mind through group exercises designed to challenge your limiting beliefs.


Learn how to harness the gifts of being a sensitive woman and discover hidden talents you may have suppressed.

Shoshana is a bright vibrant soul to work with. You can truly feel the love emanating from the work she does and feels her passion to help empower woman to be there juiciest selves. Whether experiencing her powerful 1:1 sessions or the blood mysteries program you will walk away wiser, inspired, and with a deeper appreciation and presence for your cycles and inner seasons.


I learned what cycle mapping is all about, with her areas of speciality (much more than just the physical or hormonal symptoms), she covered loads in such an easy to follow way. I can picture what it would be like to flow with my cycle and body, honour my feminine energy and tune in to nature too (seasons, moon, plant nutrition). I am finally ready to learn about my cycle (menstrual, hormonal, emotional), and all the ways I can support my body and energy, working with nature.


Returning to my true core self and responding to life as me. I have explored sensual and vocal meditation (this was a welcomed change to the more masculine silent still meditation I had known previously) and opened more channels within myself for sensation, experience and expression and finally reconnected holistically with my moon cycles which continues to support me and regulate my natural energy flow. I have enhanced my nutrition and have filled my life with health and fitness that suits my natural flow which has become seemingly effortless. Showing me when I am in my feminine flow I navigate life with a lot more efficiency and a lot less stress, somehow achieving more but exhausting myself less. There are no words for the gratitude I have for Shoshana Sadia, the space she has held me in and the wisdom she has dedicated herself to learning and alchemised to offer the world.


To register for The Magnetic Woman

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You will receive:


Includes weekly calls + live Q and A – 1hr


Sisterhood community facebook group


Integration workbooks


Recorded self love, embodiment and feminine energy meditations and resources


Bonus– x2 womb meditations 


Downloadable slides that accompany the live Calls

How to know if Magnetic Woman is right for you?

You want to harness the full power of your innate feminine magnetism.

You are ready to reclaim your sensual essence and step into your sexual power.

You are ready to deepen your understanding of sacred sexuality and how it can serve in your relationship with yourself and others.

You want to live life intentionally and consciously, cultivating deep satisfaction in all areas of your life.

You want to feel empowered sexually and free in making your life choices and feel open to new possibilities.

You want to welcome more intimacy into your life.

You want to deeply understand your own needs, desires, boundaries, and be able to communicate them clearly to your lover/partner and those around you.

You want to heal wounds around your sexuality, womanhood, the feminine, and your menstrual cycle.

You want to step into deeper alignment with your soul purpose by connecting with your truth, voice and body.

You want to feel self-trust, balance, and harmony in your work/life balance.

For centuries women have been conditioned to shame, fear, and punish their bodies.

Disconnecting us from our intuitive gifts and rejecting the sacred feminine essence within ourselves.

But many are starting to realise:

Your period is part of your power.

Your womb has endless creative potential.

Your pleasure is your feminine fuel

I’m going to teach you what you were NOT taught in school.

I’m going to show you that this is all possible and I’m excited for you to unlock the door that will lead to your unlimited potential. To show you the untapped well of knowledge, love, and creativity that has been dormant within you, and help you fall in love with yourself.

By completing this journey you will:

  1. Learn how to balance your work life and personal life to create a deeper connection with your body: physically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually.
  2. Experience an abundance of vitality, energy, and creativity
  3. Be more productive, without the burnout and struggle
  4. Tap into ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge to create your own rituals for daily life.
  5. Deepen intimacy levels with your partner and self. 
  6. Experience deeper levels of sensual pleasure; increase your natural libido and sexual magnetism.
  7. Know what you want in life and not be afraid to ask for it.
  8. Release shame and taboo related to menstruation.
  9. Cultivate deeper levels of self-love, self-nourishment, and self-acceptance for yourself and all.
  10. Experience Fewer mood and emotional imbalances and lessen the symptoms of PMS.

Are you ready to dive in?

There are women awakening all over the world, tapping into the full power of their womb and discovering untapped potential and an abundance of creativity.

Imagine being so deeply attuned to your body that you knew intimately the best times to create and expand.

Full self-love is not possible if we are not accepting all parts of our self. This means our cycle, our sexuality, our anger and our FULL feminine RANGE of emotions – including our sensitivity.

Some of what we cover

– Unlock your feminine magic –

Magnetic Woman energetics - how to be MAGNETIC

Womb connection and healing deep-rooted imprints

Masculine and feminine dynamics and how they affect you

The feminine shadow and the wounded feminine

The patriarchy’s role in your life

Understanding the feminine archetypes and how to work with them for different needs.

Using pleasure as your fuel

Healing your relationship to your femininity, cycle and sexuality

Sisterhood + The Sister Wound


Shoshana Sadia is a Women’s Empowerment Mentor and Cycle Guide who works with modern, spiritual women who desire to live connected, conscious lives.

Shoshi draws on ancient teachings and womb wisdom to guide women into deeper states of self-love, self-empowerment and alignment.

She teaches women how to harness the power of their natural rhythms to step into their feminine flow.

Shoshi combines powerful spiritual practices, mindset and embodiment work to shift inner states of being that will manifest externally.

Her life’s purpose is to use her experience, intuitive wisdom and deep spiritual education to serve women on their journeys through awakening.

Important Dates









Your Questions Answered

When will the course start/end?

The course starts around end of February/March

Where will I receive all the resources?

All the resources will be delivered via email and the website course portal.

How much time is expected each week?

This really depends on how much time and energy you have to put into this container. I would say ideally to set aside an hour a week to implement and embody the resources.

What is the investment?

The investment/ exchange is $666 for the Magnetic Woman program.

If you would like to add the bonus sessions, it is $711

Are there payment plans ?

Yes, I offer a variety of payment plans as well. Please reach out of you are in need of a plan that is not showing.

How about refunds?

This is transformative work and this – we offer a FULL NO QUESTIONS ASKED REFUND (MINUS FEES)

if you within 7 days of starting the course you dont feel that this is aligned. and beneficial. If you are truly unhappy with this content please write to me at, explaining why and you will get a full refund.

I’ve never done this before and am a bit nervous

That’s ok. Accept where you are right now. We are all starting our journeys at very different phases of our lives. This is a safe space to show up in your truth and vulnerability.


Be open-minded, and willing to flow in and out of your comfort zone. Our menstrual cycle has been shamed for too long and when we take back the power of our cyclical nature and see it as a beautiful inner reflection for our outer world, we reclaim our innate feminine power.

This is an inclusive, intersectional space for those who are still menstruating or have menstruated. Non-binary and gender fluid folk who have cycles with the intention of exploring feminine principles and cycles are also welcome.

Full Price-Magnetic Woman With Bonus Cycle Tracker And Recipe Book


Payment Plan

$480 x 2

I want to add the

1:1 Womb Healing Ceremony & ritual guidebook.

Single Payment

+ live womb healing ritual


Payment Plan

+ live womb healing ritual

 $480 x 2