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Reclaiming your relationship with your womb and cycle is one of the most powerful initiations you can experience a. The Womb is the centre of our being and our connection to this space determines how we perceive ourselves and others. Unfortunately we can unconsciously store unfelt painful experiences here. Dive deep into the energetics, shadow, ancestral and physical components of the womb

Through this program you will be supported in clearing wounds, releasing emotional baggage and imprints stored in your body, womb and yoni. (The Sanskrit term for the vulva). By developing an understanding of the language of your menstrual cycle, body and womb, you will be able to feel more deeply connected to yourself and life.

Walk away from this mentorship knowing how to align with your unique inner rhythms and deepen your emotional self-awareness.

Womb Rhythms

Ask yourself the following questions and make note of how many of them you answered yes to.

☽ At the end of each day are you totally drained? Is your mind always thinking about the next thing on your to-do list?

☽ Do you feel that your relationships, health or career are being compromised at certain times of the month because you are out of balance?

☽ Are you so used to striving, doing and achieving that you have lost touch with the real, authentic you and what makes you feel alive?

☽ Do you suffer from irregular periods, womb challenges and other menstrual health related issues?

☽ Do you strive to carry on as normal all month round and then feel guilty when you lack energy and go into a slump ?

☽ Do you feel your emotions get out-of-your-control, especially during the (PMS phase)?

☽ Do you dread “that time of the month” & refer to your cycle as annoying, inconvenient and a burden?

☽ Do you experience pain and discomfort and want to explore new and healthier ways you relate to your body?

Womb Rhythms

Do you feel disconnected from your cycles and your body and want to understand your inner rhythms and gain menstrual intelligence?

☽ Do you feel super energised and on top of your game one minute and then uninspired and unmotivated the next?

☽ Do you want to do all the things, without sacrificing your mental, physical or emotional well being?

☽ Do you prioritise hustle, productivity and achievement over your natural rhythms, pushing yourself to exhaustion?

☽  Do you want to cultivate a more connected relationship with your womb space?

☽  Do you feel you are holding in to emotional baggage from past lovers?

☽  Do you struggle with accessing pleasure or feel shame around your sexuality?

☽ Do you feel you are holding onto ancestral trauma?

☽ Do you struggle with accessing pleasure or feel shame around your sexuality?

☽ Do you feel you still have unresolved pain in your womb relating to pregnancy, complicated births, miscarriages or terminations?

☽ Do you feel unresolved and like there is unintegrated wounding relating to your sexuality or invasive medical procedures?

If you found yourself nodding your head yes to most or all of the questions listed, this mentoring program was specifically designed with you in mind.

If you are interested in finding how to best work with me, I invite you to contact me below, and set up a Free Connection Session or you can drop me an email to voice your interest and any concerns coming up for you.

Image credit: Chanel Baran- taken for the Sisterhood of the Rose Reatreat with Leyolah Antara and Shona Keeli
Womb Rhythms

What we will explore together

The 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and how to sync your lifestyle to optimise your energy levels in a modern world.

How to be more energized by building your energy rather than depleting it.

More self-love and less self judgement.

More confidence in your body/self and in your power.

How to clear energetic blocks & activate your womb’s sensual and magnetising powers.

Guidance on how to make your menstruation sacred and other rituals for awakening your feminine flow.

How to smash it in your business & career with your feminine essence intact.

How to eat and move in accordance with your cycle

Understating and accessing the deep wisdom and magnetic power of your womb.

Ways to reduce your experience of PMS pain and understand the messages that your body has for you during each phase of your cycle.

Transition from unconscious busyness to intentional action.

Connect with your body, pleasure and intuition.

Feel less overwhelmed and have a greater sense of well being.

Learn how to balance your hormones mood and energy levels and deepen your emotional self-awareness

This program is available as a 1 or 3-month journey where you can choose your path.



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What you will receive:

A 1 or 3-month 1:1 transformational program designed to show you how to harness the power of your natural feminine energy through the power of ancient women’s wisdom.