What Self Love Means To Me!

by | 23 May 2019 | Love

Self-love to me is full acceptance of where we are right now. It is the desire for yourself to be nourished on all levels physical, mental, spiritual, emotional & sexual and even though this will look different to each of us, all parts of these aspects make up a greater whole that we all encompass.

We need our own self-approval.

We need to allow ourselves to fuck up and not let that prevent us from doing the things that scare us in the first place.

Loving ourselves is not some external concept like bathing in roses and reading a book, although sometimes that is exactly what we need.

Loving ourselves requires us to be our own best friend. That means meeting ourselves with non-judgement and curiosity.

As women, most of us are running around like superwoman doing all the things that society celebrates through productivity, yet we are feeling disconnected to what’s going on inside our body, our minds, and hearts.

To be frank with you, this used to be me. Not so long ago I craved this deep inner care & love myself. I remember when I felt unhappy with my body. Always striving for idealism, a flat tummy and the perfect diet.

I would overcomplicating food choices and taking preference at eating at home so I could control my food and body perfectly, thinking that would help.

However, this kind of mentality can be dangerous. It puts us in the I’m not good enough category which spills over into our inner dialogue, relationships, passions, and life as a whole.
I have personally been in a place whereby I have:

Hated on my body, Pinching and prodding her and speaking mostly unloving words to her.
Avoided socialising, fearing what food I may have to eat and be questioned on.

👉Triggered by self-criticism, fear, and doubt.

So how do you get to the point where you feel connected sexy, confident, radiant and in-tune with yourself?

For me, that is through self-care, Feminine embodiment rituals, sensuality, inner-work and play.

Self-care is the foundation for external giving and doing in the world.

By crafting time for ourselves each day we are letting ourselves and the universe know that we matter, honouring our needs and desires, We can’t serve anyone if our cup is depleted.

When we gift ourselves with feminine embodiment rituals such as free flow dance and move as a way of unlocking frozen tension and constriction in the body, we are literally rewiring our stories and patterns, somatically.

Never underestimate your bodily wisdom.

Self-love can be light-hearted and playful as well as adult-like & serious, anyway that we experience pleasure & joy. This, in turn, leaves room for magic & intuition. In fact, following your pleasure can be massively productive.

I’m curious to know:

💖What does self-love mean to you?
💖Is it internal, external or both?
💖What are your tools and processes to up-level?

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