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Women’s Empowerment Mentoring + Menstrual Cycle Education Reclaiming eminine Rites Of Passage

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A Safe & Inclusive community space for conscious women to live a life of inner freedom, intimacy and vulnerability and feel authentic in their true expression.
Breaking the stigma and taboo around menstruation, sexuality, pleasure and womb health.

Sexuality And Womb Cleansing Ritual

If we want to heal, empower and awaken
our feminine essence, our sexuality & our cyclical wisdom, we must tune into and activate our womb space.

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  • Sexuality and pleasure
  • Womb health and healing
  • Relating to self and others
  • Self- development and actualisation
  •  Holistic living.
  •  Feminine rites of passage
  •  Q&A Session on Zoom

Feminine Principles Guidebook

Masculine and feminine energy are simply two ends of a co- existing spectrum.Neither
is better, or more profound they just are.

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Every human regardless of how they identify or the gender they were born with , has a mixture of feminine & masculine energy & some have a more neutral setting.To me the feminine rising is about creating a world of balance and equilibrium again. An earth where both qualities are honoured and revered.

Spoken Word -Wild woman

A Spoken word piece about unleashing
and embracing your inner wildness.

Spoken Word- Letting Go

A Spoken word piece about the trial
and challenges of surrendering into the unknown and letting go of the familiar.

Femme Flow Basic Menstrual Chart

A basic chart to understand your energy
flow in terms of:

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  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Energy
  • Emotion

Cyclical Awareness Workshop - Replay

Free workshop, highlighting the importance of aligning your life and schedule with your menstrual cycle for greater ease, flow, productivity, and self-compassion.

Menstrual Cycle Exploration And Menarche Imprints

Your period is not a nuisance. It’s not an inconvenience or a burden. It’s a portal to your untapped potential.

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Your period holds the power to all your unmet needs, desires, dreams, and is the key to manifesting the life you desire.

Sadly, so many of us are conditioned to feel shame about our periods and hide them away, to refer to them as any other name EXCEPT period.

But your PERIOD holds the POWER – embrace it!