Womb Meditation

In Ancient times

The Womb Was Revered As Sacred In Its Mystery.

Many of the systems and structures

that have been established in world today have not been set up to honour the flow and cycles of the feminine.

There are natural seasons that come with being in the world and being a woman and womb owner

The womb is one way that we can access the natural world within ourselves.

Once we harness the natural cycles of life from within, we will be able to step into deeper alignment, flow, ease and power in our lives.

As women our first rites of passages in modern society have been deeply severed.

Our first rite of passage as womb(en), the first experience of menstruation, is often associated with shame and even fear for many young womb owners. From early on we often learn directly and indirectly, that the womb is related to period pain, discomfort, shame or abuse.

Now in many profound ways, the modern menstruating woman, busy and anxious, has abandoned and become disconnected from her womb. She may hate, misunderstand or neglect it, and may not recognise it as her spiritual, sexual and creative centre.

This early conditioning around the womb for many of us is negative and disempowered.

Cut off from ancient wisdom and teachings that honour the womb’s mystery, we do not recognise the womb as our power centre. Little do we know that the womb is a magnetising force for creative potential, a place of initiation for her fire, sexuality and emotional activation in the world.

To connect to and build an honouring relationship with your womb, is to tap into the deepest and most sacred power and portal that you have access to on this planet.

A persons blockages in her womb can deeply impact her relationships with self and others and her whole experience of life.

Often the root of these blockages can manifest in physical and emotional symptoms.

Symptoms revealing potential energetic blocks in your womb space:

  • Mild or severe depression
  • Mood swings
  • Severe physical period pain
  • Digestive issues
  • Low libido & disconnection in sexual intimacy
  • Tiredness, low energy & lethargy
  • Lack of creative impulses

Causes of energetic blocks in your womb space:

  • Sexual, physical, medical trauma
  • Shame (caused by cultural factors such a shame, dogma & stigma)
  • Rejection or targeted criticism (by culture or a person).
  • Complicated births, miscarriages, abortions

Benefits of re-connecting to your womb space:

  • Clearer sense of self and identity.
  • Access to your confidence and power centre
  • Stronger access to your intuitive wisdom
  • Stronger access to your creative potential
  • Stronger ability to attract what you desire and amplify your magnetic womb energy
  • Bringing healing presence to emotional wounds.
  • Deeper intimacy and pleasure with self and lovers.
  • Replenish your energy levels when you feel depleted.
  • Balance your emotions

There are four sacred phases in re-connecting to your WOMB.

  • CONNECT (Emotional aspect) – Build an emotional connection & bring awareness to your womb area.
  • CLEANSE (Energetic aspect) –Create a sacred ritual to cleanse the dead and stagnant energy of your womb space
  • ACTIVATE (Physical aspect) – Bring movement and embodiment practices to facilitate the release of old energies and to activate your full embodied power and magnetism in your womb space.
  • ALIGN (Energetic aspect) – Learn to channel the energy of your womb space to align with what you desire and value in life so that you can fulfil your spiritual purpose as a womb(an)


Shoshana Sadia is a Women’s Empowerment Mentor and Cycle Guide who works with modern, spiritual women who desire to live connected, conscious lives.

Shoshi draws on ancient teachings and womb wisdom to guide women into deeper states of self-love, self-empowerment, and alignment.

She teaches women how to harness the power of their natural rhythms to step into their feminine flow.

Shoshi combines powerful spiritual practices, mindset, and embodiment work to shift inner states of being that will manifest externally.

Her life’s purpose is to use her experience, intuitive wisdom, and deep spiritual education to serve women on their journeys through awakening.

womb meditation