Our Relationship with Food

by | 23 Jan 2019 | Food

When we eat out of habit, mindlessly and without LOVE, we can start to ask ourselves these questions.

  • Do you sense you are overeating-eating or eating to fill an emotional void?
  • (If so then take 3 deep breaths into the heart & womb.)- Ask yourself, do I really want this. What is this really about? ( journal to get into your subconscious)
  • Are you eating to avoid feeling? Where is your soul misaligned and using food as a comfort and a way of numbing out?
  • What happens when you relax around food, allowing your body to navigate you?
  • Can you learn all the principles and information you need and then let them go to follow your own intuitive way?
  • How does it feel to let go of a perceived ideal of what you SHOULD eat and how your body SHOULD look?
  • What happens when you make peace with your plate and become playful with your food?
  • What magic can you create when you totally embrace the way you look but make sustainable steps towards the desired goal?

I, like many of you, have had some sort of unhealthy relationship with food. I have at times found myself on a journey of chronic juicing and strict food rules. What I came to realise is that with this, also came a pattern of unhealthy mind chatter.

There were many times in my healing journey that I thought- I will never have the body I desire.

I was constantly researching my ailments and imbalances, cognitive trying to figure out how to eliminate them.

Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever had these thoughts?

What I came to realise is that with this, also came a pattern of unhealthy mind chatter. albeit subtle.

There have been moments in my life where my actions towards how I ate and moved my body were coming from a toxic place. A place of fear of how I would look, albeit subtle, it would impact the way I navigated through life.

Cleansing and detoxing became the norm which led to obsessive ties to nutrition and exercise.

This way of being would infringe on social gatherings, (where I would bring my own food) and took a toll on my intimate partnership at the time.

I believe this led me to disordered eating patterns.

The real healing came for me when I had total love and acceptance for where I was in the present.

When I became aware of how I was contributing to my body shame and playing the victim.

Once I had mastered my mindset and embodied energy, the way I chose to feel in full acceptance and gratitude, shifts started to occur from the inside out.

Finding peace and forgiving myself and my body for all the ways I have betrayed her was a major part of this:

Your body wants to:

  • To serve you & thrive, she is doing her job.
  • She requires your presence and care.
  • Your forgiveness
  • Your non-judgement
  • Your honouring

Ways to combat this

  • Eat calmly, with pleasure & enjoy every morsel, whatever the food choice. in PSN. Rest- Digest & relax
  • Eating a less than healthful meal with joy & gratitude is less detrimental than eating a superfood bliss bowl with stress & anxiety.
  • Food can actually be a delicious source of pleasure as well as a bountiful nutritionally dense delight
  • If you give yourself permission to eat as you desire you will find that bad food don’t become quite as enticing.

So, sisters, I invite you to stop trying to fix yourself & obsessing over diet perfection and look closely to the attachment and where this perfection originated. Healing occurs when we allow, embrace, accept and learn to LOVE the parts of ourselves that we deem unacceptable.