A Different Perspective on Eating & Food Dogma

by | 24 Aug 2019 | About Shoshi, Blood, Cyclical, Embodiment, Feminine, Food, Menstrual cycle, Shame, Woman, Women

I want to talk about food dogma

In a world where we are literally over-saturated with what, how and when we should eat, it can become increasingly challenging to forge your own path and follow your innate wisdom around food. I see time and time again this very extremism & right wrong morality with food. In turn, it can generate a destructive me versus food mentality.

What I Can tell you from my lived experience is that listing foods as good/bad empowers them more than you.

It doesn’t help that we are indoctrinated with diff media messages from girl to womanhood. Whether male/female or non-binary identifying, we all at some point struggle to love the body we are gifted.

We feel undesirable, too much or not enough. Loving this body can become one of the greatest barriers to sincere self–love.

As a result, many of us get involved in dieting and severe food restriction. The challenge here is that more times than not this put us into starvation mode, esp for women. It switches on the sympathetic nervous system and stimulates the adrenal glands to release adrenalin & cortisol (hello tiger, quick run, attack, freeze).

For people in a female body. It can also throw our hormones out of balance. Your body literally prepares for the next famine/starvation/restriction period.

Consequently, it can create an unhealthy paradigm cycle of strict dieting- tension & cravings- binge eating-purge/restrict- guilt & shame.

New Paradigm- check in with your innate bodies wisdom.

  1. Where are you at in your unique cycle?
  2. Are you exerting a lot of physical energy at the moment- Do you need more dense foods?’
  3. What textures are you craving right now?
  4. Are you eating in a way that feels delicious, yummy & sensual?
  5. What season is it, are you craving warm or cold foods?

Are you coming from a place of fear?

  • Are you shaming yourself for eating too much, the wrong kind of food, too late at night?
  • Are you pre-planning all the exercise you can cram in the following day to make up for the guilt you feel?

Self-love tips

  1. What lessons can we learn from these experiences?
  2. Get curious with your inner world. Self-inquiry is key and every moment is an opportunity.
  3. How are you talking to yourself?

It’s time to move away from the unhealthy mindset of, once I’m skinny enough then i’ll…

This attitude limits your life, your ability to be free & Live joyfully. It creates an unhealthy mindset of restriction and perfection in order to be worthy of your desires. A downward spiral. I invite you to stop basing your self-worth based on how WELL you ate that day or how much you did or didn’t exercise.

I have been there. Food dogma, restriction, guilt, excessive exercise. I would mask all of this as a super clean organic healthy living. The truth is that the subtle undercurrent of why I chose to live this way was toxic and impeding the way I would live my life.

Different phases of life and where you sit in your menstrual cycle all call for different levels of nourishment. My motto. High Vibe. High nourishment. High micronutrient, most of the time. Allow room for adaptability. Ditch the fear and the rulebooks. Eating a less than healthful meal with joy & gratitude is less detrimental than eating a superfood bliss bowl with stress & anxiety. Your body wants to serve you & thrive.

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