5 Ways To Uplevel Your Mindset Around Food

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1. Bless your meal.

Say a prayer of thanks and gratitude.
Gratitude truly does make the world go round. When we give gratitude to was is on our plate, especially if its another being that has sacrificed its life for us. When we find something to be grateful for, we effectively rewire our brain and dialogue unconsciously with our body to digest well. Through gratitude, we can shut out the internal narrative in our brains and focus on the present moment.

2. Chew well and stay mindful

(textures, aromas, flavours)

Enhance your food experience with presence. Get into the habit of chewing foods thoroughly before swallowing. Chewing breaks down food and makes it easier on the stomach and small intestine. Saliva assists in the digestion of carbohydrates and makes the food more alkaline, which creates less gas.

Try putting your utensils down between bites to help you better concentrate on chewing until the food becomes liquid. The tummy does NOT have teeth. Chewing will help you to enjoy the whole spectrum of tastes and aromas.

Did you know presence is a real thing shown by activity in the pre-frontal cortex?

Presence is awareness of right now (taste, smells, sounds). Presence is like a muscle, It’s something you practice and it’s also cumulative. Did you ever eat an entire plate of food and not taste one single bite?

When we bring all of our senses to the dinner table, basking in the aroma of herbs and spices, we truly taste our meal. Experience each bite from start to finish. EVERYTHING, all the information that we see, hear, or take into our lives unconsciously enters our bodies, and gets stored inside.

Be fully present in your meal. You can do this even when you eat with others. Just be fully present with THEM too! Be in the situation in its totality. Activate yourself with presence, you’ll activate your body with digestion.

3. Breathe deeply before mealtimes

Try taking 5 deep belly breaths before your meal. This will turn on the parasympathetic nervous system and get your body calm, the optimal state for food digestion. Pain, stress, and inflammation in the body almost always go hand in hand with low-quality breathing. So body won’t digest properly. So start the process now, before your meal. Breathe deep and slow.

4. Eat with stress you won’t digest

Our emotions are intricately involved in the way we digest our food. When we feel charged emotions when eating we literally shut down our digestive system. You can have the most alkaline perfectly balanced micro-nutrient meal, but if you’re stressed when you consume it, you may as well be eating fast food junk.

A stress-less meal means that we don’t have judgement around our food choices. Eating in a state of judgement can make us feel powerless. When we GIVE our power AWAY our digestion does not function optimally.

So to clarify the way in which you eat can take more importance over what you eat. Stay hydrated (beforehand), oxygenated and relaxed. Negative self-talk or even worse stressing over whether the food is “good” or bad is really harmful. Activate yourself with presence, you’ll activate your body with digestion.

5. Try and eat your last meal at least 2 hours before going to sleep

Try and aim for early dinners. Did you know that food is digested way better during the day when the sun is out? That is our natural rhythm. Up and eating in daylight.

Sleeping and rejuvenating at night- People overeat often at night to sedate them this has a calming effect, however, it greatly sabotages the quality of our sleep thus creating less restful & restorative sleep.

When you sleep you connect to your spirit and divinity- your subconscious.
Our body starts to prepare for rest at darkness by producing melatonin. Try and eat 2-3 hrs before bed (depending on your digestion) otherwise, your body is focusing on digesting.

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