Rewild Your Inner Woman

by | 23 Jan 2019 | Feminine

By connecting to our emotions, without the need to analyse them we allow space for softness and surrender. Our bodies hold the truths of our emotional blocks. It is by allowing & being in our vulnerability, that we embrace the true power of ourselves. We welcome our full spectrum of human-ness our shadow and our light. When we find the courage & commit to feeling everything that arises, we can transcend the intensity of emotional states. Peeling off layers & opening the heart to magic and infinite possibilities.

1. Journalling

2.Embodying our animal woman through movement and dance

3.Become familiar with which phase of your feminine rhythm you are in

4.Dialoguing with our body on the daily

5.Connecting to your womb space


Journalling is a beautiful and simple way to download from your stream of consciousness. There isn’t really a write or wrong. Writing is a powerful channel to create space between your thoughts and actions. The act of writing in a non-structured way can help give you insights into your own subconscious, your inner woman and help provide you with your own guidance.

“There’s a time every morning when we are half awake, half asleep and not quite fully conscious. At those moments, we have access to our unconscious mind and our inner workings. But like dew on the morning grass, it will soon be gone without a trace.

“Listening to these tender morning wisps allows us to reach into our inner world, the deeper part of ourselves that helps guide us on our path of transformation.”

Julia Cameron

Embodying our primal animal woman through movement and dance

This can be especially useful in phase 4 of our flow, the Luteal phase. this is probably the most misunderstood yet critical phases we go through. PMS is not a syndrome. It is a time of deep reflection.

Anything that has been stagnant in our energetic field that wants to be released with our blood will present itself if we listen, soften & surrender. Accessing our wild woman can help shake up, break up and unlock parts of ourselves that have been dimmed down & hiding away.

When we commit to having the courage to feeling everything that arises, we can transcend unhealed, unprocessed emotions. The wild woman is also a healer and a medicine woman.

She knows we must visit our internal terrain in order to become more of ourselves. By doing so we melt the layers in our subtle energy bodies and create more space for self-love & love from others.

Become familiar with which phase of your feminine rhythm you are in

When we do this we start to recognise our own beauty and power. The menstrual cycle is a cycle within a cycle.

The bigger cycle is the woman’s life cycle, they relate to our movements and energy levels, sensual & sexual desires and creative impulses which are all intrinsically linked with the earth rhythms.

Our moon cycle is the wise teacher that can help us come back home to our bodies and follow the subtle cues that present us to our strengths, challenges energy levels and wisdom at each stage. These rhythms are also initiating us through motherhood, peri-menopause, and menopause.

Dialoguing with our body on the daily

  • Creating a daily ritual for a full body check in.
  • How is she feeling physically?
  • Is she achey and sore?
  • Fluid and sensual?
  • How is she feeling emotionally and energetically?
  • How does she want to move today?
  • What would bring her joy today?
  • Does she have constriction and stored tension?
  • What would it feel like to move through that tension?
  • How does your heart and womb feel physically, energetically, sexually?

These kinds of questions urge you to become finely attuned to the inner workings of your body and soul. By asking the questions you gain a deeper inner standing of yourself and that overflows into your daily life and relationships with others.

Connecting to your womb space

In ancient times, the womb was revered as sacred & mysterious. Our womb space is a receptive vessel. As women, we are able to open and receive seeds of inspiration that, when nourished, are able to blossom & actualize.

Our womb holds the power to magnetize our desires, gestate, transform and release. Within the collective womb consciousness, we have access to ancestral lineage & can clear shame, emotional abuse and rejection that has happened in our lifetimes or even in generations before us. When properly nurtured our womb can become an intuitive guide, for navigating us through life.

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