Movement Practices For Different Times Of The Month

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My background is in health, nutrition, movement & detox, But alongside all of this what underpins all my holistic work is feminine power, feminine wisdom & feminine flow. Living a life in alignment with our primitive essence.

I am deeply passionate about guiding women on a journey back home to their bodily wisdom.

In the western world, we are incredibly fortunate to be living at a time where women can reclaim their feminine power!

I know I was conditioned to believe my period was an inconvenience and shameful part of life. I’m sure many for you can relate. Yet over time as I developed a more profound connection to myself and my emotions, I learned to fall in love with my cyclical body, Implementing simple practices and rituals that turned my cycle into my teacher. Syncing my life and work in this modern day world.

Do you ever wonder and notice how your mood, energy, food cravings, libido and emotions fluctuate within your monthly cycle?

When we don’t map our menstrual cycle we can feel like we are fighting an uphill battle.

“For most of our lives, society has taught women that “the gets shit done” masculine way of doing life is the approach that’s most appreciated and valued while the feminine depth, sensitivity and emotional bandwidth has been shunned.

This has put those who identify with the feminine essence at war with our bodies, minds and hearts.”

Lauren Walsch

The challenge with embracing one end of the spectrum is that this leaves little room for downtime (yin) in our lives.

Hormonally, energetically, emotionally, physically women require very specific nutritional & movement styles whilst traversing their inner rhythms.

So why not use these gifts to our advantage and craft our upcoming month based on our innate rhythms.

I am going to share with you some practices you can play with at different phases to see how your body responds.


Movement – Menstrual

Slow it right down here. Your body is going through an intense process. You will need more rest. Your energy and hormones are all at there lowest. Gently does it petal.

If any I recommend:

  • Yin yoga is restorative, slow paced and will help you move through this time compassionately.
  • Light walks- a perfect way to calm and soothe your senses at this time.
  • Slow sensual dance
  • Free flow embodied movement
  • Avoid high impact workouts during this time. Focus on long walks, gentle yoga, qi gong, and tai chi or light stretching
  • Avoid hot yoga classes as they will bring too much heat to the body

Movement – Follicular – Spring

Your energy will be at its peak here…Yippee. So if you are planning any hardcore regimes now is the time. You are also more likely to want to try new things and adventures at this time, so be bold and go for it! Stamina and energy are high. Lower body exercise is also super beneficial at this time as they help stimulate pelvic blood flow and oxygenate the blood. Invitation

  • HIIT training
  • New sport /fitness class
  • Group training
  • Strength and conditioning.
  • Daily lower body exercise thrusts & squats- Jade egg rituals (more on that in another post) will improve your pelvic blood flow increasing fresh, oxygenated blood to your developing follicles.

Movement- Ovulation

Your body feels strong here. If there was ever a time for doing weights, it’s now. Generally speaking, you tend to be more social here & enjoy collaboration so try new movement class. A sexy dance class can also feel really good as your sensuality is heightened.


  • Bikram yoga
  • Activating exercise like hot yoga
  • Cardio, interval training
  • A sensual dance
  • Boot camp
  • Weight training
  • Pretty much anything that is fun for you and gets your heart rate up.

Movement- Premenstrual (Luteal)

You may feel more energetic for the first few days of this phase, I invite you to naturally notice if your body wants to slow down. It’s common to feel more introverted. You can indulge in movement practices such as yoga, Isometric moves (holding exercise) such as planks, push up holds and hangs. The latter end of this phase you may feel to take the pace down to walking, tai chi or Yoga.

I would love to know in the comments section, do you ever feel fluctuation in energy during the month?

Do you adapt your movement and exercise according to what phase you are in?


Live a Life in Alignment With Your Menstrual Cycle

I created a wee video on youtube about the importance of aligning our life holistically to our cycle, so we can transform our period into our greatest power.

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I teach women (and menstruators) how to harness the power of their natural rhythms and create a connected and compassionate relationship to their inner world.