Feminine Leadership

by | 22 Jan 2019 | Feminine

I wonder what it would feel like in a world that recognises and celebrates the ebbs and flows of a woman inner rhythms?

This is the world that i crave for & one that I believe is slowly being Co-created on this earth.

This writing is not about masculine versus feminine. It is not about the gender you were assigned at birth.

To me, feminine rising is about creating a world of balance and equilibrium again. Earth where both yin and yang qualities are honoured and revered.

The challenge, I believe is that we live in a world that totally celebrates masculine qualities. For most of our lives, human society has taught women that the masculine way of doing life is the approach that’s most appreciated, valued, and respected, while the feminine way of being and feeling in the world should be hidden away, disregarded, and shunned.

The truth is that humans can be unbalanced in both masculine and feminine qualities.

And by disregarding one side of the spectrum it can create an inner conflict with those who identify with the feminine essence.

When this balance is off kilter and we are predominately hanging out in the YANG spectrum, we can become overly rigid in our routines and structure, In constant doing mode, swallowing down and numbing our emotions without room for play, magic and intuition.

“So I ask you, do you feel balanced and nourished in your daily life?

Do you play, create and rest?

Do you have a more masculine spiritual practise, where you transcend out the body?

Or a more feminine based one where you go into the depths and sensitivity of your body?

It will take each and every one of us stepping into our unique place of leadership–in our homes, our families, our communities, and workspaces.

It will also require that we respect and value our visions and dreams.

“We, women, are being asked to rebirth new systems, new models for being, working, and loving. Essentially, we are being asked to birth and a new world; one that honours our cyclical nature and works with those cycles–not against them. “ LAUREN WALSCH

When we are predominately hanging out in the Yin spectrum, we can be full of ideas but lack the drive to see them actualised. Perhaps we are constantly processing and avoiding making decisions, relying on others to take the action for us.

The masculine qualities are represented by the action we deliver into the world. It gives us our drive, focus and strategy in a disciplined and linear fashion.

The feminine qualities are represented by the depths of our feelings, receptivity, beauty and pleasure. From this place, we follow the beat of our own drum & create from a place of pleasure and flow.

Can I be of service?

I help overachieving busy spiritual woman get their aliveness and sensuality back by reconnecting to their bodies, emotions & feminine cycles & rhythms so they can reclaim their libido, have more depth in life & make more embodied decisions

How do I do this?- I bring a unique alchemy of:

Radical self-love

Feminine ritual

Natural nutrition & intuitive eating

Holistic movement

Sacred sexuality practice

My intention is to empower women to marry their masculine productivity with your feminine pleasure whilst aligning with their menstrual cycle, in order to help a woman live an absolute alive and turned on life.


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I guide women to reconnect with their feminine energy and sensuality so that they can experience more energy, purpose and pleasure in their everyday life without burn-outs.