Do You Feel Heard In Your GP?

by | 19 Oct 2021 | Empowered Women, Freedom From Fear, Happy Now, Love, Self Care, Self Love, Shame, Woman, Women Empower Women

Why is it important to heal your relationship with your cycle?

Our cycle is like a doorway into feminine vitality that gives us VITAL information.

When women seek medical support they are often told by male doctors, that they are crazy nothing is wrong with them, period pains are normal Its all in your head. This is really damaging + disempowering.

The medical system is not set up for our reproductive health + often women go for years in pain + discomfort. We are told to just get on with it.

I believe this is largely why we have started to take our health into our own hands.

Our blood is the 5th vital sign. It can help inform us of our stress levels, hormones, energy + fertility.

My journey into menstrual magic + womb wisdom was born through pain which became my passion.

Many moons ago, I was grieving a particularly painful ending. After close to 9 years a relationship abruptly ended in extreme betrayal + trauma.

9 months later I gave birth to an ovarian cyst and later to another one.

It was this experience that led me to become slightly obsessed with the energetics of the cycle + womb. It doesn’t even get factored in. Most likely we are told to take a lifetime of drugs as this is “real cure” or remove or scar part of our anatomy to eliminate the “disease”

Through experience, I have come to realise deep healing stems from an embodied holistic approach to healing + the psycho-spiritual connection to menstrual health is often overlooked.

I can tell you from personal experience that oftentimes doing the deep inner work is enough to see +feel HUGE TRANSFORMATION.

It F’d up that debilitating periods, yeast infections, PMDD, Fibroids etc are so common.

🌹 Self worth
🌹 Se+ual imprints
🌹 Body shame
🌹 Pregnancy complications/loss
🌹 Unhealed wounds toward the masculine + inner masculine

All have a MASSIVE IMPACT on reproductive health. It goes WAY DEEPER than removing part of your anatomy.

Im curious have you had a negative experience at your GP where:
You didn’t feel heard/seen?

Have you tried alternative therapies?

It’s time to rise up +speak up!
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