The Beauty Of Our Cycles Beyond Its Physical Function

by | 21 Sep 2021 | Cycle Syncing, Cyclical, Moon Cycle, Woman

What I love about our cycles is that it is one of the most profound and simplest ways to check in with ourselves on all levels.

Not only is tuning in to the energy of each phase an indicator of our holistic health but it’s also a deeply spiritual practice and gateway into the feminine psyche.

Menstrual wisdom is our birthright
It is an internal solitude retreat.
It is a natural cleanser- allowing whatever needs to fall away to do so using your blood as a metaphor.
It is a powerful pause that brings insights, clarity and vision.

When we deeply connect to our blood it helps clear conditioning around our s£xuality + femininity.

It seems most menstruators underestimate the power of creativity that lies within this sacred process. Every month, each unfertilised egg has the potential to be a human life.

From a biological perspective if a sperm comes along during our ovulation and fertilizes an egg (known as conception), we then become pregnant. The fertilized egg will travel through the fallopian tube to the uterus and implant in the uterine lining. If the egg hasn’t fertilised, our sex hormones drop and our uterus will start to shed her lining (aka your period).

Understanding the 4 phases of your cycle and how that energy manifests in your body, is so fxcking empowering. Not only does it allow flow in our life, it also allows us to set our self expectations accordingly, giving space to greater self compassion and acceptance.

Rather than being another thing to do” or a burden in your life, your cycle can be your teacher and a gift that mirrors back to us where you are not aligned and operating from a place of force overflow.

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