Nature’s Seasons & How They Relate To Your Cycles.

by | 28 Oct 2019 | Cyclical, Woman, Women

I sense that we are so disconnected from nature that sometimes we forget that we are made up of the very same matter as the universe itself. For those who identify as a female, we are cyclic creatures. We follow our own feminine inner rhythms and seasons. Just as there are a natural ebb and flow in nature, it exists in us too. We are simply a mirror for each other.

Seasonal cycles

We see it in the tides; water rising to kiss the shore in & out, the familiar transition of birth, growth, blossom, death and rebirth. There is consistency in change.

We are creatures bound to the same law of nature as the rivers, trees and the faraway seas. Each season can in some way reflect our internal world.

Winter solstice- Yin ( inward surrender focus)

is the darkest point in our year, the trees stand naked. It is a time when much of the natural habitat goes into hibernation. The most activity comes to a standstill.

Inner Winter:  Relates to- slowing down, lighter exercise, heavier foods, death, self-inquiry, introspection, recalibration & reset, nesting & journalling, shedding old identities and outdated beliefs.


The cold dark sky begins to dwindle away.  Light and warmth are returning to our dark earth. Buds are opening, daylight is growing and you can start to feel the new fresh energy emanate in the air. The Spring Equinox brings us a promise and animals pro-creating. The Earth is waking up. Everything is fertile and the energy is to nurture new growth.

Inner Spring: Relates to increased energy, independence and courage. Its a time of new beginnings, possibilities and potential to create new projects with fresh ideas.


The most fertile part of the seasons in this way she can be related to the archetype of the Mother. The sun returns to the earth once again nourishing and sustaining life making it a much more hospitable environment for outdoor social activity. The days are longer and the nights become warm and welcoming. hibernation is over and life is truly blossoming.

Inner Summer: Relates to compassion, protection, generous-hearted and committed to doing what it takes to complete tasks. It is a yang (outward) phase whereby we time where we truly relish in connecting to others in our natural habitat. Our energy is expressive and bursting with creative potential in your work, life and in the bedroom!.


The weather starts to bring with it a chill. Think of this as the last supper. The buddings of spring and flowerings of summer have ceased. From a Biological perspective, it was also a time where women and animals would carry some extra weight preparing for the potential lack of food. In ancient times this would have been the time to harvest, preserve, ferment and stock up on all of the provisions before winters chill and frost set in. The colours around us change to beautiful hues of orange, red and yellow.

Inner Autumn: Relates to letting go, problem identification, refinement, perfection and focus, transmutation & decluttering. During the autumn equinox, day and night are of equal length. This signals the need to balance light and darkness within us. Autumn is a reflective time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden. It reminds us of the impermanence of everything. The leaves float to the ground and the branches start to shed their leaves, symbolising the fleeting nature of all things.

As I become more attuned to life, I become more acutely aware that culturally and societally we are vastly more comfortable accepting and embracing certain seasons, energies, emotions and ways of navigating through life than others. The comings and the goings, the deaths and the rebirths, and the messy middle is something I believe that we experience both physically and metaphorically.

Far too often, we fear the dark and favour the light. Just as we watch the leaves fluttering to the ground, we are reminded that nature’s cycles are mirrored in our lives. Let me remind you that nature is fucking brutal, messy, violent and ugly and simultaneously elegant, magnificent, magical and calm. Just like us. Except we have been conditioned, especially as those identifying as women to be polite, contained and obedient.

How many of us talk about death, pain, sorrow, heartache and rage?

Collectively, most of us repress and suppress these seemingly unsavoury emotions, however, our bodies contain all the keys, varieties, textures, possibilities and expressions that exist.

  • We accept and embrace happiness and joy but reject sorrow and grief.
  • We accept and embrace peace and gratitude but reject anger and rage.
  • We place great value on productivity and reject rest, relaxation and restoration.
  • We place great value on safety and security and reject vulnerability and uncomfortable truths.

Let’s shift the old paradigm and create safe containers for our beloveds holding them in kindness and compassion to move through these states without judgement or shame.

Each season is majestic and unique, holding specific purposes and codes, that when embraced and accepted fuel our life with a much richer and diverse landscape to navigate through.

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