Goodbye good girl and people-pleasing habits.

by | 23 Apr 2022 | Cyclical, Woman, Women

I say farewell to dangling carrots
In order to make a means to an end

Pushing through and hustling is no longer welcome
So Ioosen your grip

Look to the mother for she follows her own rhythmic pattern
She is the feminine incarnate

Take the action from pure desire
Pure fire, between your legs
A beckoning within your heart
A pleasure bubbling from your womb

Good-bye people-pleasing patterns
Sever the cords and toxic dynamics
No more blindly following what we are told
Out of coulds, shoulds and expectations

Its time to tune inwards
And asses where the patriarchy has imprinted its colours
Upon you,

This linear model of living
Is not sustainable, its unattainable and unexplainable

So Shake of your shakles ,
Surrender to your cyclical nature
Mirrored by the effortless heartbeat of the Gaia herself

Let’s reclaim our voices
Shut out external noises
And reconnect to the ancient wisdom that lies within

You are an unending circle- a cycle- a spiral
A beautiful mix of exquisite and feral

No more fitting in to a box shaped world.
No more fitting in to a box shaped world.
No more fitting in to a box shaped world.

Because you sister, you are a spiral

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