Tracking Your Cycle Benefits

by | 20 Sep 2021 | Cycle Syncing, Cyclical, Moon Cycle, Self Care, Women

A breakdown of the phases of your cycle:

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🔻 Menstrual Phase (1-5)
🔻 Follicular Phase (6-10)
🔻 Ovulatory Phase (11-14)
🔻 Luteal Phase (15-28)

So why the F is it so important to track + create a cyclical calendar?

By learning how to create a life of your native design according to the physical, hormonal + energetic shifts of the menstrual cycle you can:⁠

🌹 Reduce stress⁠
🌹 Have emotional empowerment
🌹 Regulate your hormones⁠
🌹 Lessen pain⁠
🌹 Communicate more effectively
🌹 Understand your libido fluctuations
🌹 Balance blood sugar⁠
🌹 Reduce brain fog

I mean that sounds appealing, right?!

Each phase brings with it medicine + potential shadows, yet when we understand our inner rhythms we can utilise the energetics + hormonal changes to help us maintain optimal balance. ⁠

On the flip side of this when we are not in tune with our inner seasons we can experience symptoms such as

🌹 Anxiety
🌹 Low energy
🌹 Cyclical irritability
🌹 Inability to slow down + rest

❃ I used to face my shadows monthly where I:
❃Would speak cruelly to my bloated tummy
❃Hate the way my face puffed up
❃Feel triggered irritable + resentful at certain times
❃Force myself to workout during my bleed, (feeling guilty if i didn’t)even though my body was screaming for rest

Our premenstrual time is where most people feel charged, frustrated + sensitive AF. Our inner critic is very loud, most of us don’t truly understand what is happening in our body! +

If you don’t stop/ slow down and give space to decode your triggers + you ignore the signals your body is trying to tell you, you will keep facing these shadows.

The truth is we haven’t been taught to:

❤ Rest
❤ Self inquire
❤ Honour our discomfort
❤ To have compassion in the waning phases of our cycle
❤ To listen to our pain
❤ To connect to our cycle
❤ To clear+heal our womb space

👉🏽How different would your life look if you knew these codes early on in life?
👉🏽How would your relationship to your inner and outer world be different?

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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