Love Your Cycle & Change Your Life

by | 21 Sep 2021 | Cycle Syncing, Cyclical, Food, Love, Lovey Our Lady Landscape, Moon Cycle

For centuries women have been conditioned to shame, fear and punish their bodies.

Disconnecting from it +not truly harnessing the full power of their cycle.

But many are starting to realise:

Your period is part of your power.

This is not something you were taught in school.

But there are women awakening all over the world, tapping into the full power of their womb +creative energies guided by their menstrual cycles.

Eek. Love Your Cycle will be launching next week. This 5-week program is for people who want to more deeply understand the natural rhythms of their body so that they can:

Reduce painful PMS symptoms & balance mood swings
Organise their lifestyle to optimise productivity + flow
Learn deeper levels of self-compassion + self-care
Manage energy to avoid burnout + fatigue.

Unfortunately, because many of us have not been shown or taught how to tap into the magical wisdom of each of the 4 stages of our cycles, we are fighting against our bodies, causing more pain, fatigue and self-judgement.

🔻 Your body is uniquely geared to serve you.
🔻 Imagine living a life, where you could predict when you were going to be your most creative,+ organising your time around that?
🔻 Imagine living a life, where you brought deep self-love, self-compassionate and self-honouring ritual, to the parts of your month, where you knew you were going to need slowness and retreat?
🔻 Instead of kicking yourself harder… imagine how it would be to slow down when your body truly needed rest…
🔻 Imagine being so deeply attuned to your body that you knew intimately the best times to create and expand.
This is all possible, and I’m excited for you to unlock the wealth of practical and mystical knowledge that we have been deprived of for centuries, to help you fall in love with your cycle.

Full self-love is not possible if we are not loving our cycle.

Are you ready to dive into full self-love + understanding?

If you’d like to learn more DM me or visit LOVE YOUR CYCLE

The Cycle: 5-week program-shosh

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