Module Five


Welcome to week 5. The Luteal phase.  This week’s intention is about emotional transformation,  Self-awareness and self inquiry. Make sure you are tracking your cycle & note down physical, emotional, mental points..

We also cleanse and activate the ovaries, which are known to be the seeds of our creation. And the heart of woman’s creative fire energy. Not only is it the  source of life used in creating human life, and helps ignite  the flame of the creative seeds. 

Our ovaries hold the potential of anything we are going to create. 

In this module you will find. 

  1. An educational video and guidebook
  2. Guided Meditation – Ovarian cleanse & activate
  3. Bonus resource by Eliyah- emotional transformation 
  4. Bonus botanical and herbs audio for the Luteal Phase

Educational Workbook And Video

This video and guidebook will cover the archetypal energy, and season that align the Luteal phase alongside spiritual and practical tools and application.

Guided Meditation- Ovarian Cleanse And Activate

This is an embodied meditation to bring balance to your ovaries for rejuvenation and enhance your capacity to create.

Emotional transformation Credit Elijah- Embodied  Awakening Academy

Some amazing practices that help  you learn Emotional Alchemy techniques that will be very valuable to deal with Premenstrual symptoms 

Our premenstrual time is one of the most misunderstood and feared phases of the cycle.

The largely toxic patriotic medical system this time is a syndrome. Let me get me through to you, this is not a syndrome. It is a time of deep reflection.

We have likely not been taught the gifts and nuances of this part of our cycle.

As a result, this can lead to anxiety, stress, frustration, emotional outbursts, exhaustion and burn out.

Understanding this and giving space to our emotions can help shake up, break up and unlock parts of ourselves that have been dimmed down in the shadows. We get to get to harness the feminine gifts that live within our womb and the natural seasons that come with being a menstruating woman.

The wild woman is one of the most prominent archetypes that emerges during this phase and when understood is also our medicine woman. ⁠⁠She knows we must visit our inner world to become more of ourselves. ⁠⁠ She isn’t asking you to compromise, She is asking you to speak up and out with clear communication and boundaries.

Bonus Womb Healing LIVE Ritual 

Bonus Audio- Botanical And Herbs For The Luteal Phase

by Guest Speaker Samantha Lawton