Module Four


Welcome to Week 4. The Ovulatory phase. 

This week’s intention is all about magnetising in an embodied and empowered way. Using our life force and elevated emotion to guide us the way.  The audio practice can be done as embodied movement with elevated emotions to call forth your desires or can be done as a sacred and honouring self pleasure practice. Be REALLY clear on what you are magnetising using your potent ovulation energy.

In this module you will find. 

  1. An Educational Video And Guidebook
  2. Guided Meditation- Manifest And Magnetise
  3. Video Practise- Sensual Feminine Flow
  4. Bonus- Map Of Magnetise
  5. Bonus Call – Self Pleasure Practise (I will send you a link and date via email and there will be a replay)
  6. Bonus Audio- Botanicals And Herbs For Your Ovulation Phase

Educational Workbook And Video

This video and guidebook will cover the archetypal energy, and season that align the Ovulation phase alongside spiritual and practical tools and application.

Guided Meditation- Manifest And Magnetise

This guided audio can also be done as a sexual practice by self pleasuring with an open and curious mind and heart. Waiting for your bodies and yonis cues to say yes before entering and penetrating yourself. This helps you practice your boundaries as well as your internal yes and no.

Video Practise Sensual Feminine Flow

This video will help you get in touch with your inner world and feminine flow.

Bonus- Map Of Magnetism

A map to magnetise your desires to you, using the feminine/yin principles. A blueprint to draw your desires to you using energetics first and action second.

Bonus LIVE Call Self Pleasure Practise For The Upgrade Babes 

Bonus Botanical And Herbs Audio For The Ovulation Phase

by Guest speaker Samantha Lawton