Module Three



Welcome to week 3. The Follicular phase. 

This week’s intention is about Getting into our sensuality, cultivating our life force and sowing the seeds for our desires. Planting the intention.

In this module you will find. 

  1. An Educational Video And Guidebook
  2. Guided Meditation- Sowing The Seeds
  3. Bonus Audio – Botanicals And Herbs For Your Follicular Phase

Educational workbook And Video

This video and guidebook will cover the archetypal energy, and season that aligns the Follicular phase alongside spiritual and practical tools and application.

Guided Meditation- Sowing The Seeds

Sowing the seeds is a potent practice to do during our Follicular phase. We are working with our sensuality and life force. The seeds of potential and creation. We can plant these creative seeds in our womb to magnetise our desires to us through creating sensuality and desire in our bodies ready to birth them into our reality during our ovulation phase.

Bonus Audio -Botanicals And Herbs For Your Follicular Phase

by Guest- Samantha Lawton