Module One


Welcome to Week 1.  

I am over the moon that you are here and ready to embrace all parts of yourself.

Within this module we will discuss: 

  • My background
  • The power of our womb
  • The intention of this course
  • An overview of our whole menstrual cycle and 4 phases
  • The basic science of our Menstruation
  • Ways you can track your cycle

Every week you will receive an email which will have:

  • A general check in
  • A music playlist
  • A movement playlist
  • An alter invitation

Alongside that, within the email you will have a link in to the course content itself which will be released  on a weekly basis.

Within each of the following modules you will receive an educational video and guidebook, And guidance on the archetypal energy, and season that align with that specific phase, alongside spiritual and practical tools and application.

Module 1 Educational Workbook And Video Overview

Self Inquiry Guide

This is honestly a game changer, use this each time you enter a new phase in order to gain deeper self understanding of your patterns and also your desires.

Digital Tracker

The most important thing to do is track your cycle. By doing, so you know what phase you are in. You can then use the 4 holistic lifestyle guides and embodied practices  to bio-hack your daily rhythms, enhancing your clarity and purpose and educating yourself in the physical and emotional changes that take place.

This will help you to design your life in a way that nurtures you as a cyclical and ever changing human being. Once you have been tracking for a while you will be able to identify patterns that emerge at certain parts of your cycle and interrupt them with your new found education and knowledge.

Menstrual wheel

The menstrual Wheel serves as a visual representation of our cyclical bodies. It is a circle chart broken up into 4 quadrants. Within each quadrant is each stage of your cycle, the season, the element, the direction, the lunar phase and an archetype, as it relates to your phase.

Emotions/Feeling Wheel-  Credit Glen-Trigg

The emotional wheel is an amazing tool we can use when tracking to finely tune what and how we are feeling. This can be really beneficial when we are doing our self inquiry and tracking.  

“It also helps us understand the relationship between and intensity of their feelings. The ability to articulate and identify emotions is an important component of emotional intelligence.” – Laura Berlinsky-Schine

Four Directions Audio

This is a beautiful way to give reverence to the phases, elements and directions that we continually cycle through with in the month. I like to create an altar and at least one day within that phase use the relevant guided audio.

Bonus- Inner Masculine and Feminine Guide (Eliyah Tantra School)

A guide to recognise your inner masculine and feminine. – Both the shadow and light. Integrated and unintegrated. This guide is very useful to recognise how these different polarities play out within our life.