Shoshana Sadia is a women’s empowerment mentor and menstrual wisdom guide for spiritually conscious women who feel stuck in their life. Her programs educate on how to use self-love and cycle-based living to  better understand yourself on all levels and connect inwardly.

Unlike other coaching that only give you meditation and mindfulness practices, these programmes offer an integrated feminine based approach to embody your entire cycle through nutrition, sexuality, and movement.

Reconnect – Reclaim –

In a Paradigm where the western medicine approach is favoured, the cyclical nature of the feminine can often be overlooked, especially in the workplace. Perhaps you have been told that you are “too sensitive” and thus avoid vulnerability and emotional exposure.

All too often, we are guided to numb our pain (both physical and emotional), ignore our inconvenient and often “erratic” emotions and push through our fatigue.

For most of our lives, human society has taught women that the” get shit done , linear attitude” is the most appreciated, valued, and respected, whilst the qualities of sensitivity, slowness and emotional depth should be hidden away, disregarded, and shunned.

Reconnect – Feminine Wisdom

Smash through your limiting beliefs so your soul can shine through

Create empowering embodied goals, the feminine way

Embrace your full spectrum of human-ness your shadow and light

Balance mind focused structure with the feeling depth of your body.

Alternatively Laser in on one theme below of your choice.

Reclaim – Inner Queen

Learn the skills & attitudes to fully inhabit and compliment the cyclical nature of your feminine body.

Reclaim & Reignite your sensual essence.

Reconnect and embody the WHOLE SPECTRUM of your feminine nature

Devote space to your self-care and awaken your Inner-Queen.

Alternatively Laser in on one theme below of your choice.

Re-wild – Menstrual Mapping

4-week Menstrual Mapping one-on-one coaching

Trust your bodily wisdom

Align your life with your menstrual cycle.

Alternatively Laser in on one theme below of your choice.

Who Benefits?

Many of the women who come to me feel something in their lives is not quite right. This feeling may manifest in many different ways.

Some women feel there is something missing from their lives – they’re just not sure what that is, or how to change it.

Some feel caught in the mechanics of day-to-day life, constantly working and striving.

We live in a world where pushing, striving and productivity are celebrated. So it is no wonder that many of us feel locked in a cycle of doing, it can be challenging to say the least to forge a path for a more balanced and more Yin/Feminine way of living.

On top of this, we are constantly fed negative messages from the media, about what we should look like, and how we, as women, should behave.

It is no surprise to me that the women I meet don’t feel connected to their bodies, let alone satisfied with the lives they are leading.

I believe every woman could benefit from working with a feminine empowerment mentor, to help remove those blocks that are stopping her from living an authentic and vibrant life.

Themes to Explore

Sexual Empoweremnt

Uncover any unconscious  beliefs that may be blocking you from accessing your full pleasure potential. Release cultural and societal taboos about sexuality and self-judgement

Feminine Essence

Let your pleasure be your driving force. Establish a sacred relationship with your womb to receive guidance and creativity. Clear energetic blocks & activating her sensual and magnetising powers. 

Feminine Rhythms

Nourish, move, work and play in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable and aligned with your unique constitution and your feminine cycles.

Soul Alignment

Connect in with your true soul essence/ alignment. Feel empowered in your body, your truth and your message. Gently reveal what limiting beliefs are standing in your way of living the life that you desire.

Self Devotion

Designing and Devoting time & space to radical self-love & care..Sensory pleasure and movement, through feminine embodiment, is part of this too.


A path to greater empowered vulnerability. Own, honour and embody your full feminine feeling and emotional depth.

Magic Manifestor

Learn the principles of womb alchemy- Manifest intentions in a way that is sexy, empowering and exciting.

Body Adoration

Explore new and healthier ways you relate to your body. through developing deeper levels of self trust. Make peace with your plate and become playful with your food.

Is this for you?

I  help busy modern day conscious women restore their aliveness and sensuality by reconnecting to their bodies, emotions & feminine cycles, so they can reclaim their pleasure and have more depth in life.

Overwhelmed by life – You feel constantly overworked, always pushing and doing without taking time for yourself and what nourishes you.

Unsatisfied with your health – Confused over what to eat and how to exercise.
Perhaps you start new cleanses, diets or exercise plans, but don’t follow through.

Rely on external validation – You depend on men, friends or colleagues for self-esteem, which means constantly vying for approval. (And is very tiring!)

You believe you are not enough – You feel you are not smart enough, sexy enough, spiritual enough, caring enough or not doing enough.

Emotional overwhelm or numbness- Fear of feeling way too much or feeling closed of or numb & disconnected from our bodies and hearts unable to experience life with vulnerability.

Disconnected with your Internal seasons– Flat and lethargic some days, vibrant on others, and not quite sure how to sync your life with your cyclical nature, emotions, and menstruation.

Perfectionism & Self-doubt– Disbelief in yourself your abilities. Not pursuing your dreams from a place of once this is perfect then ill start

Lack of passion or purpose – You are too busy to listen to your inner wisdom, so your drive, creativity, sex life and pleasure has taken a back seat. You know that there is more juiciness for you to shine but not sure how to make that happen.

Contact Me

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Your future self will thank you for making this investment into your wellbeing.