5 Reasons You Should Start A Breast Massage Practice.

by | 9 Aug 2019 | Breasts

Breast health is too often ignored until after a problem arises. Sadly many women have neglected their breasts and never even think about touching them, we tend to leave that to our lovers. Developing a breast massage ritual can be a beautiful way to rewire your relationship to your inner world, your power and your beauty.

Our breasts are seated directly on either side of our deep feeling heart. They are in many ways guardians of our emotional, energetic and physical heart centre.

Through this delicious practice, you can start to cultivate bodily mindfulness through your pleasure-sensuality and sexual sensations. However on the other side of the spectrum is, where there is pleasure there is also pain and so this practise can bring to the surface any undressed pain relating to matters of the heart in a safe container.

Energetically our heart can build walls around it to protect us from getting hurt or further re traumatised from past painful experiences.

A woman’s breasts are the core of her feminine essence. Anybody who has breasts give love and nurturance through them as they are our positive pole and naturally generate chi (life force).re-traumatised

So why would you want to breast massage?

1.Massaging with loving and compassionate touch stimulates the bonding hormone oxytocin and dopamine whilst reducing the stress hormone cortisol. This Activates  the pleasure chemicals in your brain- who wouldn’t want that?.

  1. On a physical level the fatty breast tissue can store a lot of toxins, so as we massage our breasts we release lots of toxins and cleanse the blood and the lymphatic tissues.
  2. There is direct connection and invisible electromagnetic rod that connects the heart and the vagina. You may feel this when you stimulate your nipples. It so important to stimulate the breasts first as it primes your body for sexual experiences
  3. It encourages confidence and personal power. You can repeat positive affirmations during this practise to anchor them in to your subconscious whilst your rooted in pleasure, to make it more powerful.
  4. It Can help overcome overwhelm and promote deep states of relaxation increasing your capacity for pleasure during solo and partnered sex.

Perhaps one of the most unknown and rewarding side effects of regular sensual self practise is the relationships and connections that become deeply nourished through your lovers, friends and most importantly yourself. It is a healthy way of cultivating and self sourcing love & pleasure.

So why would you want to breast massage?e.

  • Breast massage can be done with bare hands on skin, with a silk cloth or over clothing
  • Get some oil, my favourite is coconut oil warmed with some beautiful essential oils such as lavender and rose
  • Rub your hands together to create some warmth, energy & presence.
  • Lightly rub the breasts with both hands in a circular motion.
  • In Taoist tradition you massage 36 x clockwise and 36 x anti-clockwise
  • Intuitively feel which direction to take, if not both
  • Play and become curious with different types of touch. Breath and fill up your heart with love.
  • Cultivate presence and smile into the breast and heart area.
  • Enjoy the sensations and connect with the warm pleasurable feelings

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