Awakening To Your Feminine Potential

by | 19 Oct 2021 | Active Femininity, Divine Feminine Energy, Feminine, Feminine Spirituality

As modern day conscious women, living in an achievement reward-driven society, giving ourselves permission to slow down +release each month is a gift + an opportunity to rebirth parts of ourselves. 🌹

Our cycle & our womb space can show us all the places that no longer feel true to our core.

🔻 Ancient feminine wisdom 🔻

This path of remembrance is one that ignites the dark flame.

We may come across all the ways we have had our boundaries crossed, or crossed our own.

We may activate the collective womb consciousness + feel memories of our feminine lineage, their:


The Burning of witches, the turning of sisters against each other for survival. These stories live within our bones.

🔻 Womb wisdom 🔻

In ancient times, the womb was revered as sacred & mysterious.

Our womb holds the power to magnetise our desires, transform + released + when properly nurtured she can become an intuitive guide, for navigating us through life. A sacred cave that not only has the capacity to hold a child but also holds our creative desires.

To connect to + build an honouring relationship with your womb is to tap into the deepest, most sacred portal that you have access to on this planet.

Healing this space helps activate the collective + personal psyche. A woman’s centre is in her womb + heart but when we are perpetually living from our head space without giving reverence to our feminine roots it can be difficult to tap into our power.

🔻 Menstrual wisdom 🔻
Menstruation is a natural way the body cleanse + releases. It’s fucking insane to me that most women are not harnessing the power of their period. We literally have the opportunity to blossom, decay, die+ rebirth every month. Each phase hold a unique frequency

We have been lied to + shamed around this sacred portal we experience every month
Women were murdered in the name of celebrating this. Let’s rewrite these narratives. 🌹

Let’s do this for our:

Mothers + grandmothers
Those who came before/after us.

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