About Shoshi

My background is in health, nutrition, movement & detox, but along side all of this what underpins all my holistic work is embracing our  feminine wisdom & feminine flow. Living a life in alignment with our primitive essence.

I am devoted to creating space for women to fall back in love with themselves and strip back the layers surrounding their heart to uncover the truth of who they are.

Through delicious & sensual  ritual you can work in alignment with your cycles & corresponding phase to ensure that you are nourishing yourself on all levels.

All coaching services are bespoke. I bring an alchemy of self-healing, self-love, feminine ritual, natural nutrition, holistic movement and sacred sexuality to help  women live vibrant and turned on lives.


Certified Professional Development
Certified Consciousness Coach™ (Academy Of Soul Empowerment)
Certified Holistic Health Coach (School Of Intergrative Nutrition)
Cert 3 & 4- Movement & Fitness coach (AIPT)
Certified Metafit Instructor (Metafit Institue)
Professional and Personal Development
Complete Detox Academy (Lionheart herbs)
Taoist Health & Fitness Academy (Lionheart herbs) 
High Energy Academy  (Lionheart herbs)
Embodying Erotic Divinity (Kundalini Dance)
Sacred inner union  (Kundalini Dance)
Chakra Alchemy series  (Kundalini Dance)
The Embodied Entrepreneur (School Of Embodied Arts)


I appreciate how committed and authentic you are to your whole way of life from food, herbs to your exercise and your truth. I especially love your rawness. 
You inspire me with your commitment to being a whole woman and how, as women, we can holistically connect to our essence. 
When I’m around you I feel lighter, connected to you and very present. Your like a cheeky lil fairy who lights up the space.
Emma S.

I appreciate your truth, passion, commitment, intelligence, playfulness, honesty, courage, fire and desire to share all of it. I love that you embrace YOU – share YOU – and never stop working on YOU.

You inspire me to live, work, speak, and act from my heart, not my head. You wake me up to new questions about my sexuality, my worth, how I fuel myself, and how I show up in the world.

In your presence, I feel safe, heard, understood and appreciated. You’re pure love – so mostly I feel loved. The simple act of you being you makes me want to be me.

Kate L.

I feel joyful, at ease, excited and held in your presence…
You inspire and evoke lightness, a sense of wonder, creativity and sometimes even expansiveness in me…
I appreciate your real ness, your authenticity, your honesty, your openness, warmth, generosity of spirit. I appreciate your thirst to share.

Natalie D.

Your connection with self, your light playful presence & your kind generous heart
You are REAL. You embrace your inner woman and encourage others to live their truth 
I feel accepted & heard, at ease. I also love the vast knowledge you have on everything feminine – it makes me want to know more every damn time you spea
Kira E.

Appreciate Your Gentleness, Your Authenticity, Your Passion, Your Courage to Be You, Your Playfulness and Your Sassiness. 
You Inspire In Me the Courage to Be Me in Ways I have been Scared to Embrace. Your Beautiful Reflection Inspires Me to Reconnect with My Own Playful Spirit, that has been in Hiding. 
In Your Presence I Feel Safe, Held, Loved, Joyful and Completely at Home with Myself. 
Thank You for Your Amazing Heart and for the Love You Are
Missy O.

I highly recommend working with this amazing woman. I have had lots of sessions with Shoshana Sadia over the past few years and found my self perception, creative, sexual and feminine empowerment shift immensely. I am more me than ever, I have worked through limiting self beliefs; as small as I will never be free of acne and as big as I am never enough. I have confronted my most dark experiences in some deep shadow work; illuminated core events that installed responses in me that became habit and I have finally been able to target this and work to heal. 
Yevette I.

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