My Journey

My journey started with the death of my long-term fairy tale relationship that turned into a toxic nightmare. What followed was a long and difficult divorce that kept me operating in survival mode for what felt like the longest time. When a relationship ends so abruptly and painfully, it often feels like a part of us dies with it.

A couple of months after the separation, I ended up at the hospital with a ruptured ovarian cyst. I later learned what this meant from an energetic perspective: Ovarian cysts often represent a blocked creative desire and grief, relating to betrayal.

That is when It dawned on me. I realised that all this time I had been living someone else’s life. I wasn’t following my true purpose. I wasn’t letting my true self shine. Moulding myself to versions that I thought I “should be” I had lost myself in my relationships with others that led me to not living to my fullest potential

Breakdown To Breakthrough

The most beautiful part about a breakdown is that it usually leads you on the path to a breakthrough. When I started this journey, I knew something had to change but I had no idea what that was or where to start. I was stuck in a state of suppressing my genuine feelings and emotions, causing me to feel disconnected from my sexuality and my body. I was convinced that there was something wrong with me that was causing me to feel this way.

I had to dive deeper into myself and find the root of my trauma. I had been deeply hurt in my romantic relationship so my initial instinct was to numb my sexual self to protect myself from future harm. My lack of desire was a symptom of my imbalanced feminine centre.

For the past 7 years, I have been on a journey that eventually led me to discover and expressing my true self. I dove deep into the dark corners of my soul and with the help of Inner work and emotional mastery, I became the woman I am now. I have a rich relationship with my feminine essence, which feels balanced and harmonious. The flame I once held for myself has been rekindled, and self-love and care is an absolute priority in my life..

As a Women’s Empowerment Mentor, Certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH™️ and  Holistic Health Coach, I use specific principles, practices and tools that fuse ancient spiritual wisdom and feminine embodiment practices with modern-day living to help women reconnect with their feminine energy and sensuality so that they can experience more confidence, purpose and pleasure in their everyday life without the burn-outs.

My Areas of Speciality

》Feminine Rites of passage

》Reconnecting to our bodies & pleasure

》Breaking the stigma around menstruation, sexuality, pleasure & womb health.

》Healing the sisterhood wound

》Body confidence and self-love

》Sexuality and sensuality

》Embodiment and movement

》Masculine and feminine dynamics/energy

Collective Desire

✷ Understanding our behaviour, patterns, imprints and triggers on a deeper level

✷ Being free of cultural and family expectations and beliefs that limit our lives

✷ Self-compassion through understanding one’s patterns, energy & triggers

✷ Embodiment, mindset & inner beliefs

My Values

I welcome all people (women, POC, bleeding people, non-binary and trans sisters) who resonate with the work I offer.

 I remain my cheeky, quirky, swearing self in person as well as the online space. I only teach practices and techniques that I have embodied, experienced or are studying.

Transparency + honesty
I am transparent about what you will receive when we work together and I do not make false claims and I am not here to convince you to work with me. If you feel the calling and resonate with this work and my teaching style, you will know. This is a co-creative process, where I hold you in your mess and magic. My role is to call you inwards and guide you to your own wisdom, truth and clarity.

The main intention of my work is for people to feel supported and safe to be themselves. Extra resources and “homeplay” is always provided so you can practise outside of our sessions.

I always see you through a lens of love and compassion. I aim to validate every person’s experiences while still holding them accountable to their desires, together we gently uncover what fears are holding you back from being anchored in to illuminating your core resistance patterns.

Brand Advocacy

Our work is centred around breaking the stigma and taboo around menstruation, sexuality, pleasure and womb health. We aim to heal the sisterhood wound and subsequently bypass any shame or trauma to future generations.

Our mission is to help women understand themselves on a deeper level through their behaviour, traumas and triggers. This flavour of work shifts internal states changes and helps women set themselves free of external expectations and beliefs (society, culture, family) to live freely and openly.

The ripple of impact is profound transforming outdated identities and ancestral lines, influencing society and the planet by releasing a lot of the toxic patriarchal narratives and old paradigm approaches to life. These approaches are ultra-masculine in their energy and are ultimately harming people and the planet in the process.

Inclusivity Statement

I am a mixed-race, cisgender, healthy, neurotypical, woman and, therefore, I acknowledge my privileges. I am committed to creating a safe and inclusive space for people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, national origins, neurodiversity, financial means and education. I cherish the diversity of humanity and strive to create an environment where all can feel safe, valued & cared for. I am committed to harnessing an inclusive environment that honours and represents diversity for the LGBTQI community, black people, indigenous people & people of colour. To ensure accessibility I always offer a range of low-cost service suite offers to those who may experience financial difficulty that may hinder their opportunities to be a part of this growing community.


I want to acknowledge that my work takes place on the stolen and occupied lands of the Wurrundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. I pay my respects to their ancestors’ past, present and emerging, and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People of these lands. I acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded, no treaty was signed and it always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

Media Bio

Shoshi is an Empowerment Mentor, Menstrual cycle educator, Certified CONSCIOUSNESS COACH™️, and Holistic Health Coach.

Our work is centered around balancing the feminine and masculine principles and breaking the stigma around all things menstruation and womb health, to emotional empowerment and pleasure. Our mission is to help women understand their behaviour, emotions, triggers, and trauma on a deeper, more intimate level, so that they can live a vibrant life of inner freedom and authenticity, full of pleasure, power, and purpose.

Up-levelling in these areas brings you into a deeper connection with yourself and heals the sister wound. The essence of this work is death and rebirth. It is a metamorphosis of the soul and an unshakeable knowing of who you are. 

We are dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing space where each individual feels valued. The main intention of this work is for everyone to feel supported and free to be their most authentic self.

These teachings show women how to apply ancient feminine knowledge paired with the reclamation of  feminine energy to live a life in alignment with their native essence. Some core concepts we explore are self-love, pleasure, womb health, reconnecting to our bodies, understanding our triggers on a deeper level, healing our imprints, and many more. 

By implementing and embodying these teachings into our lives, the ripple of impact will shift outdated identities and ancestral lines. Society’s taboo around feminine energy, menstruation and sexuality will be dispelled and future generations will be able to live openly free from the burden of shame.

In a world where women often feel inadequate in their bodies and their power, we believe that every woman has the power to fully embrace her beautiful, creative, and confident self.

The purpose of these practices is to help women channel their feminine power and embody their true essence, through reconnecting to the wisdom of their sacred bodies, cycles, and wombs. This work fuses feminine principles, practices, and inner guidance tools that seamlessly blend ancient spiritual wisdom with modern-day life.

Through intimate one on one guided mentorship, workshops, and group programmes, the foundational pieces of these offers, light the path of spiritual awakening and give permission to a more authentic way of living.  

If you are craving more from your life and seek a deeper and more meaningful connection of self-discovery, this may be your most important journey so far. The one that leads you back home to your own divine wisdom, so that you can live an authentic life full of pleasure, power, and purpose.