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shoshana sadia



You matter, and so does your journey.

You deserve to feel alive,

radiant and in touch

with your pleasure.

Reconnect  Reclaim Rebirth

I truly believe you are your own best teacher, and guide you to embrace the feminine wisdom,
which exists inside of you. This includes supporting you to remove the blocks that are stopping
you from loving and accepting yourself, and your true passions and purpose.

The Woman Awakened

Embrace your innate feminine wisdom,

Reconnect with your beautiful and divine self.

You will discover the power of becoming your own best friend, so you always feel supported, even when external validation is not flowing your way.

This in itself makes you an empowered human being, capable of feeling compassionate and kind towards yourself in the face of any kind of adversity.

shoshana sadia
shoshana sadia

My background is in health, nutrition, movement & detox, but along side all of this what underpins all my holistic work is embracing our feminine wisdom & living a life in alignment with our native essence.

I am devoted to creating space for women to fall back in love with themselves and strip back the layers surrounding their heart to uncover the truth of who they are.

Beyond embodying these values of self- love personally, what truly lights me up and sparks my inner flame is holding space for women to return home- to their womb, to reconnect and embody their inherent feminine nature, through nourishing feminine devotional practices.

My Journey


My journey to becoming a Women’s Empowerment Mentor was not an easy one, but I feel it is one many women will identify with in some way.

During my late teens and early twenties, I always seemed to be dealing with some kind of ailment – from gut disorders to chronic cystitis and severe eczema.

These debilitating illnesses affected my quality of life, and so, I started reading about natural healing, including food and botanicals with remedial powers.

Discovering these natural healing mechanisms was such a blessing to me.

But, there was still healing to do

As my self-empowerment journey evolved, I began to align my new understanding of nutrition with exercise, which nourished my body and mind further.

I fell in love, and traveled the globe performing art at festivals, on TV and on the radio.

My partner at the time and I lived in Austria, and we were lucky enough to buy a beautiful house amidst the old Mountain Ash trees of Australia’s rural forests.

Having the financial stability to live where I had always dreamed and work in my passion made me feel fortunate in so many ways.

But, the pace of constant touring caught up with me, and once again, I developed debilitating ailments. So, I recommitted myself to self-care and cleansing.

However, balancing my health on the road was hard. My weight increased and I felt perpetually sluggish. Something wasn’t right.

Unhealthy Inner Chatter

It was at this point that I noticed a toxic inner-dialogue about my body and health. Instead of feeling empowered and in-tune with my body, my relationship was rooted in fear.

Later, I would discover that my approach to healthy eating was actually a form of disordered eating, which is sadly so common among women today.

On top of this, it was becoming apparent that I was in a toxic, emotionally abusive relationship.

I felt depressed and unexpressed. I learned to build emotional armour around my heart, which desensitised me to my inner-pain. I was cut off from my feminine power, and no amount of good nutrition or exercise could resolve this imbalance.

Pretending to be Superwoman

After 8 years my relationship abruptly ended in traumatic circumstances. We parted in a difficult divorce, which lasted 2 years, and saw me operating in pure survival mode.

9-months after the separation, I learned that I had a ruptured ovarian cyst. I was rushed to hospital and later discovered that energetically, ovarian cysts represented blocked creative desire and grief, relating to betrayal.

I had not been living my own purpose. I was living somebody else’s.

Anyone who has gone through a painful breakup knows the grief can feel like the physical death of a part of yourself.

When an abusive relationship ends abruptly, without closure, you question yourself and go through massive human withdrawal.
Yet, there is the opportunity to move from breakdown to breakthrough.

I knew in my heart that something had to change, but I had no idea where to start. I was terrified of delving into the emotions trapped in my body, so I continued to numb and suppress my grief.

Instead of reaching out for the support I needed, I tried to be superwoman – doing it all while concealing the pain inside of me.

Embracing a new way forward

Somewhere along my journey, I stumbled on Melania Tonia Evans, a mentor whose body of work inspired me to foster a new way of living.

This new way focused on spirituality. It embraced the light and the darkness of the human psyche, which I had been avoiding for so long.

I embarked on a lifelong path of quantum healing; an energetic tool that connects childhood, past life and generational DNA programs, and releases them from the sub-conscious body.

Relationship patterns are deeply engrained in our psyche. Often, we assign our partner as the surrogate for the source fracture, which is usually a parent or a sibling.

We don’t have to repeat the same old patterns and replay the wounds on repeat. This is where the deep inner work comes in.
I began to face my shadows and dialogue with my inner child – I realised this was the missing piece. Somewhere, deep in my subconscious, was the belief that I was unloved, betrayed disrespected and abandoned.

I looked at my issues with a magnifying glass, including those limited beliefs and stories that had been keeping me small. I jumped head first into my abandonment and betrayal wound, which I had been working so hard to avoid.

Yes, it was tough, but I had the support and tools to heal and nourish myself.

shoshana sadia

Image credit: Chanel Baran- taken for the Sisterhood of the Rose Retreat with Leyolah Antara and Shona Keeli

Image credit: Chanel Baran- taken for the Sisterhood of the Rose Retreat with Leyolah Antara and Shona Keeli

Reconnecting with my sensuality

Even after my toxic relationship ended, I felt disconnected from my sexuality. My sex-life was non-existent, and I felt no desire for lovers or myself.

In reality, my toxic relationship and distrust towards men had caused me to numb my sexual-self, in order to protect me from harm.

At the time I felt something was wrong with me. I now know that my body was mirroring the pain inside me – my lack of desire was a symptom that my feminine centre was off.

So, I embarked on an epic journey of forgiveness and acceptance.

I danced, prayed and grieved. I offered my pain to the divine mother Earth and released painful emotions through embodied movement, self-sexual healing and womb clearing.

My divorce was instrumental to the inner work and emotional mastery I discovered on this journey, which brought me to right now.

Listening to my body

Through all of my pain, I learned how to listen to my body and give her the nourishment to thrive, inside and out.

By allowing myself to eat and move based on my inner rhythms, which constantly ebb and flow, I embraced a profound connection to myself.

I now live in harmony with my menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle, as well as my own changing seasons. I feel sexy, playful and sensual, and this radiates in my inner and outer landscapes.

My sexuality is a source of creativity, power and healing.

I have a rich relationship with my feminine essence, which is in balance with my inner masculine energy. The flame I once held for myself has been rekindled, and self-love and care is an absolute priority in my life.

Your Journey


Many women come to me for mentoring, because they feel something in their life doesn’t feel right.

You may not be able to name it, but deep in your gut, you may feel you’re not living a life in line with your authentic self.
You deserve to feel alive, radiant and in touch with your sexual energy. You matter too, and so does your healing journey.

If you’d like support embracing these parts of yourself, then I am here for you.
Discover more about my mentoring here.


Your Journey

Learn more about starting your journey with me at your side.

"Shoshi has this incredible gift of being able to listen with a calm and reassuring presence. You can tell she is passionate and cares very deeply about transformation, within the scope of the divine female embodiment process. I would highly recommend her services and mentoring if you are looking for clarity and understanding around empowerment and the female blood mysteries."

Krystal Nahnychuk

"Shoshana has a deep understanding of how to work with the cyclic nature of woman’s bodies. A deep listener with charisma, care and a nurturing approach. I really enjoyed my session with her helping me bring back more sensuality and play into my relationship. Thank you 🌹"

Ayla Adriana

"I deeply appreciate my session and time with Shoshana for the depth and holding that the session was able to offer me. I felt, met and held as we gently cocreated a session based around my needs and my body’s responses throughout. I am grateful for the depth that we could journey to and I could be supported in, in such a relatively short professional relationship and I believe that Shoshana has a lot to offer women through their development. I especially felt met when we could both journey with sound and appreciated that level of connection throughout the session and integration."

Crystal Wilson

"Shoshana has been a great mentor from day 1. She has made me feel safe and is very educated in what she does. It really shows!! My first session with Shoshi was grounding and peaceful. She helped guide me deeper within my body and mostly my womb. She knows how to ask the right questions and guides you in a grounded and feminine way. I feel deep gratitude and excitement for what's next to come."

Caithlyn may Fotheringhame

"!!!FUCK bitcoin INVEST in yourSELF!!! I highly recommend working with this amazing woman. I have had lots of sessions with Shoshana Sadia over the past few years and found my self-perception, creative, sexual and feminine empowerment shift immensely. I am more me than ever, I have worked through limiting self beliefs; as small as I will never be free of acne and as big as I am never enough. I have confronted my most dark experiences in some deep shadow work; illuminated core events that installed responses in me that became habit and I have finally been able to target this and work to heal. Returning to my true core self and responding to life as me. I have explored sensual and vocal meditation (this was a welcomed change to the more masculine silent still meditation I had known previously) and opened more channels within myself for sensation, experience and expression and finally reconnected holistically with my moon cycles which continues to support me and regulate my natural energy flow."

Claire Munro

"I attended a one to one mentoring session with Shoshana a few weeks ago, it was a great experience for me. I was unsure what to expect, but she put me at ease. She is gentle and clear in her communication, she explained the work and helped me find clarity around what to focus on for the session. It was easy to open up and trust the process and her. She really got to the core of the issues we worked on and gave me personalised home practices after.

Duey Sol