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Reconnect - Reclaim - Rebirth

Image credit: Chanel Baran- taken for the Sisterhood of the Rose Retreat with Leyolah Antara and Shona Keeli

The Aligned Woman


As a mentor, educator and facilitator I guide women back home to the wisdom of their sacred bodies, cycles and wombs. Our mission is to help women empower themselves and clear their energetic and emotional blocks so they can transform their life, step into their pleasure and live connected and conscious lives.

Even if you currently feel there is something missing from your life – and you’re just not sure what that is, or how to change it


Do you feel something in your life is not quite right?

This feeling may manifest in many different ways.


We live in a society that glorifies and values productivity over rest and rejuvenation.  This puts many of us especially cyclical people in a war against their natural inner rhythms.

You see, we are not designed to be machines in constant action. There are natural fluctuations that come with being in a cyclical body.

One major problem i see within this linear and patriarchal work culture is that it numbs us to the living sensation of our full spectrum.

True courage lies in being able to embrace your emotions, even though sometimes, it can feel chaotic and scary to navigate them.

If you are feeling or have felt some of these ways I am here to tell you:

You are perfect

You are not alone

Reconnect, Reclaim and Rebirth

Image credit: Chanel Baran- taken for the Sisterhood of the Rose Reatreat with Leyolah Antara and Shona Keeli

In a society where the western medicine approach is favored, the cyclical nature of the feminine can often be overlooked, especially in the workplace. Perhaps you have been told that you are “too sensitive” and thus avoid vulnerability and emotional exposure.

It is no surprise to me that the women I meet do not feel connected to their bodies, let alone satisfied with the lives they are leading.

sound familiar?

sound familiar?

Tired of having no time for yourself?

Feeling constantly drained by everything around you?

You know that you need to take time out but you simply can’t bear to allow yourself the space to do so.

As women, we have been conditioned to give to others but not to ourselves. We know that we can’t give from an empty cup however we feel so guilty taking time out to care for ourselves that we just can’t stop that vicious cycle of giving and doing.

Many of the women who come to me feel something in their lives is not quite right. This feeling may manifest in many different ways.

Some women feel there is something missing from their lives – they’re just not sure what that is, or how to change it.

Some feel caught in the mechanics of day-to-day life, constantly working and striving.

What if I was to tell you there was a different way. A simple way, a natural way where you can create the life you desire without stressing yourself out and having to be in constant busy mode.

Cyclical beings are not designed to be active all the time. Our bodies, hormones and brain chemistry are designed for times of focused driven productivity and times for replenishment and rejuvenation.

Mainstream modes of self-care simply don’t work in the long-term. Boundaries are sexier than burnout and all the achievements in the world can’t fill the void or missing piece until you understand that your ‘being’ is unconditionally valuable and that you are valuable just because you exist. When you come from this place of worth, then all of your achievements simply enhance your life rather than justify it.

True transformation and deep love of self and life is not instant and can only be felt internally which then reflects external results and happiness.

It’s a journey…and one worth taking.

Are you ready to take the next step on your journey?

As a women’s empowerment mentor, a menstrual educator and facilitator, Our mission is for all women to live a life of inner freedom, intimacy and vulnerability and feel authentic in their true expression.

For those of you that don’t know, my background is in health coaching, nutrition, movement & but alongside all of this what underpins this holistic work is embracing our feminine power

And reclaiming ancient feminine wisdom.

Beyond embodying these values of self- love personally, what truly lights me up and sparks my inner flame is holding space for women to return home- to their womb, to reconnect and embody their inherent feminine nature, through nourishing devotional practices.

As part of the process we work together on clearing emotional blockages and explore topics of rituals, nutrition, pleasure practices, and cycle based self care.

My own journey of awakening was not an easy one, but I feel it is one many women will identify with in some way.

At the time I felt depressed, unexpressed and had learned to build emotional armour around my heart, which desensitized me to my inner-pain. Cut off from my feminine power, no amount of good nutrition or exercise could resolve this imbalance.

I was trying to come to terms with the ending of an 8.5-year relationship and felt like I had lost all sense of my own identity. Nine months after the break up was taken to hospital with a ruptured ovarian cyst and later discovered that energetically they represented blocked creative desire and grief, relating to betrayal.

It was also around this time that I came out of an emotionally abusive long term relationship. One of the many reasons for the breakdown of this container was related to chronic infidelity, betrayal and pathological lying.

When I eventually found out about the infidelity and we parted ways, I was left feeling broken, heavy and totally betrayed in my womb.

This started my descent into womb reclamation and menstrual empowerment.

I am deeply passionate about guiding menstruators and women on a journey back home to their bodies, intuition, emotions and womb wisdom.

This was the very journey I have taken and I know firsthand how transformational it can be in supporting us to live a deeply fulfilling life in connection with our feminine power and in sync with our creative cycles.

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Self Enquiry

Uncover old patterns of conditioning and identify habits that have kept you stuck in the script of old identities.


Learn how to identify blocks in your emotions, and how to reframe and move through them. 


Deepen your connection with all aspects of yourself and the parts of you that you have shunned away.

Sexual Empowerment

Learn the concept of sexual empowerment and the principle of play in exploration.

Emotional Embodiment

Learn practical strategies to deepen your levels of presence, power and the embodiment of your emotions.

Inner child understanding

Learn how unmet needs, desires and expectations from your childhood may be playing out in your adult life.

Masculine & Feminine Dynamics

Learn the unique characteristics of masculine and feminine energy and how to activate these in yourself to enhance your relationship with others.

The Womb

Learn the intricacies of the womb, menstrual wisdom and its creative, sexual and magnetic potency.

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